Get Lean Tip (The guys’ turn.) – Raise your testosterone…

  • Stop drinking alcohol, lift HEAVY, eat plenty of protein (1-1.5 grams per pound of body weight), and take enough to replace your Zinc and D3 deficiencies.

Coach Poliquin on raising test…
“Testosterone Boosters – How I Help My Clients the Legal Way”
As far as hormones go, the one that has drawn the most attention from the media for the past several years is testosterone. It is considered primarily the “male” hormone, as it is responsible for influencing the development of muscle mass and male secondary sexual characteristics, and it’s not uncommon for an adult male to produce 60 times more of the hormone than an adult female. Testosterone’s powerful effects have led to the illegal use of potentially dangerous synthetic forms of the hormone by athletes, and older men have started investigating ways to acquire the hormone as a way to regain their youth and sexual vigor. Let’s start this discussion by looking at some disturbing numbers… (click here to read more)


Erik K demonstrates proper lunge technique. Chest is high, front heel in contact with the ground, knee at a 90 degree angle.

4 rounds for time…
5 KB Swings (24kg / 16kg)
5 KB One Armed KB Swings – left
5 KB One Armed KB SWings – right
5 KB Snatch – left
5 KB Snatch – right
5 KB Goblet Squat

3rounds for time…
40m Sled Push (+95lbs/+45lbs)
Rest 1 minute

One thought on “Guys… Raise Your Testosterone

  1. Gloria says:

    Row 300m x 4 with 2″ rest between (1:11,1:09,1:09,1:12)
    HSPU 1 abmat 4x5r
    KB WOD 10:20 rx…I feel like this should’ve been much faster. 1 arm KBS is a WEAKNESS!

    No sled to push.

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