4 rounds of:
Narrow Grip Bench Press 5-6r (2,0,X,0) rest 20sec
Weighted Chin-Ups 3-5r (2,0,X,2) Rest 2min


EMOTM increasing by 1 rep per minute until failure:
1 Power Jerk (165/115)
1 Slamball (20 all)
2 Power Jerk
2 Slamball…..


Wilmington Weightlifting Club

Hang Power Snatch – 65% x 1 x 5
Hang Power Clean & Power Jerk – 65% x 1 x 5
3 Rounds for time:
10 KB Swings (32,24)
5 Box Jumps (30,24)

3 thoughts on “Friday 26 April

  1. Taylor says:

    Those pistols the other day were great (not that I did them…I mean for everyone else!). My two classes rocked them and I’m SURE felt them the next day. Great job everyone! I mean it, Tuesday classes were killing it. I love seeing everyone put in 110%!!!!

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