A slip on the playground. A fall from a bicycle. A car accident. Any of these common activities can lead to broken bone and a severed artery. It takes only seconds to bleed out from a divided artery. You call 911. But then what? In the time it takes emergency services to arrive you can lose a loved one to a injury that is easily manageable… if you know what to do.

First Response and Life Saving First Aid Course – Wednesday June 26th 6pm
Attendees will learn how to apply the same techniques special operations forces use to care for life threatening injury while waiting for medical evacuation and how to better interact with EMS when they do arrive. We will also show you how to build an effective first aid / trauma kit.

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Jordan A.
Jordan A. battling the ropes in the 5:15 WSC class.



Muscle Up Progression


4 Rounds for time of…

9 Push Press (135/85)
12 Pull-ups
15 Air Squats


5 thoughts on “First Response/ Life Saving First Aid Course

  1. josh says:

    Great work early am crew!
    Looking forward to the ALASTAR First Response course next Wednesday

  2. Meagan says:

    Get it Jordan!!!! Suns out guns out baby!!!

    First responder course sounds awesome. Can’t wait.

  3. Sensei says:

    Jordan A. Is my hero!

    Last nights Self Defense Workshop was wonderful everyone! Thank you so much CFW for hosting and to the 17 Women and Men who attended!! You all did very well and gave me some bumps, bruises, scratches and a sore knee to remember you by. THANKS!!

    NOW!! NEXT WEDNESDAY – ALASTARs First Response course is going to be fantastic. I will be out of town which I HATE but I hope that if you can make it, YOU DO!

    You don’t need this information or these skill sets UNTIL YOU REALLY DO!

  4. t. says:

    Jordan is proof positive what a year at CFW can do. Her dedication has provided serious results in strength. She stays lean and continue to develop muscle by following a healthy diet. I like seeing members of the mostly entitled and lazy “generation Y” doing for themselves! Keep after it Jordan.

    The information we will provide at the First Response class are the same each special operations guys is trained on. Sadly, many first aid classes and even worse, EMS courses, still teach the ABC’s and “apply pressure” to bleeds. If your first aid knowledge is based on ABC’s you will learn a lot. If you don’t know what the ABC’s are, this class will blow you away. Hopefully it will be knowledge and skill you will never need… but like Aaron said… you don’t need them UNTIL YOU DO.

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