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Class Schedule Change

Starting Monday, February 4th, we will change our early morning class schedule from the currently scheduled 5:30 am and 6:30 am to only a 5:45 am class. We will run the 5:45 am class on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


Local businessman competing in ‘Maxim Magazine’ Maximum Warrior Challenge
Watch WECT’s story here. 

CF Wilmington owner competed in the Maximum Warrior 3 competition.  The competition, sponsored by Maxim Magazine and hosted by Tier 1 Training in Crawfordsville, Arkansas. gathered 10 guys from each of the services Special Operations Forces and put them head to head in 10 events designed to test the skills required of SOF personnel.  Each operator began every event “blind”, not knowing any details of the event or how the other competitors had performed.  An operator was cut after each event until there was one.

Tune in to www.maximumwarrior.com each Thursday to watch a new event and see how Tony does.


t. during Maxim Magazine’s Maximum Warrior Challenge.


3 Rounds For Time of…
5 Push Press (185/115)
5 Tires Flips
100 m Farmers Carry (45/25)
40 m Prowler Push (90/50)
100 m Farmers Carry (45/25)
Rest 5 min b/w rounds – Post your fastest round time

14 thoughts on “t. in Maxim Magazine’s Maximum Warrior 3

  1. t. says:

    Yeah… I went last on that event. I did it in the dark so I don’t think the footage was very good.

    I don’t know how I placed on each event… I’m seeing how I did and how the others did as these go live. So I was surprised I got 3rd on this one.

  2. taylor says:

    Tony, do they have you hunting down school children here…whats up with the school bus?! I can’t wait to watch all the challenges! Great job super star, I hope you won!!!

  3. Joe W. says:

    ITs a scene from Dirty Harry. Jump on the bus off of an interpass and then enter the bus and ask kidnapper if he feels lucky, well do ya punk. and scene

  4. Jana Fogleman says:

    AMAZING!!! Tony– just saying “good job” doesn’t even cut it — what an honor to even participate in such an event, not to mention the skills, brains and strength to complete it…. and kick some major a** doing it!! Kudos to you… you are such an elite athlete & competitor!
    A good gym possesses a leader that not only can instruct but lead by example. CFW has it all – hands down.

  5. aaron says:

    To go along with Taylors comment, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you all that its a double XP weekend for call of duty black ops II. So its douple points for shooting 12YR olds.

  6. Steve says:

    When did it become ok to somehow link what our SOF does to killing children? There’s nothing funny about comparing the things these special forces personnel do for you and our country to the murdering of kids.

  7. Sensei says:

    I don’t think anyone is laughing about it Steve. Seems to me, He is on a school bus which seems a little out of place, … Unless he’s clearing it of bad guys trying to hurt children. Yet either way, Taylors comment was a ligit question and not necessarily making light of a recent event.

    As for Aaron’s (who is that guy?? 😉 ) comment, this is a ligit statement as well and perhaps we should look at a few differing views of how it could be taken;

    1. as fact for those who play black ops. Double xp is a rewarding weekend for gamers to complete their ranks and acquire higher gaming status.

    2. as a sort of leftist view of how the numbing of our societies children is rewarded by double experience points for shooting other video gamers avatars i.e. “people / other humans”. Demographically speaking, usually round about 12yrs old and cursing like sailors online because there is no consequence, while there moms and dads watch the view in the family room.

    3. as sort of a rightest way in which we men / boys get to make extra time this weekend for exercising our right to fantasize about having and using badass assault weapons for what they are made for. Shooting enemy combatants. And of course Helping children fantasize about being the next Pantano or …. in a more possible scenario a fat woman hater like Limbaugh.

    Be mindful of the mind….. and laugh a little while you’re at it.

  8. t. says:

    Initially I was taken back a little by Taylor’s comment too. I’d like to think Americans and certainly my friends know that SOF and myself do not train to shoot children on a school bus. But then I realized, we live in a place where an average citizen does not fear being taken hostage on a bus. Taylor and probably most Americans do not realize we train to eliminate HOSTAGE TAKERS on public transportation like buses, planes or trains. So I am happy Taylor lives day to day and does think it is weird to see someone on a school bus with a gun.

  9. Mark V says:

    T- get it done brother! Pretty cool comp to be part of & right up your alley. You will certainly rock in this comp especially over time when the conditioning will pay off. Will be rooting you on but know you are focused and will get the job done!!!

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