CrossFit Wilmington and Joro Yoga will both be closed next Saturday, January 26th and Sunday, January 27th for our hosting of the Crossfit Level 1 Course.


Emily B. Hang Snatch PR – 113lbs during Wednesday night’s Olympic Weightlifting Course. 


Use a challenging weight for 3 rounds of:
Push Press 5-7r (2,0,x,0)
Pendlay Row 5-7r (2,0,x,0)
Rest 2 min b/w rounds


Clean & Jerk (185, 115)
CTB Pull-Ups

5 thoughts on “Friday

  1. t. says:

    Day one of the Oly Class and this one is throwing around 100 plus like it’s nothing… with excellent technique I will add.

  2. Meagan says:

    Yea girl! That’s awesome. Now that you have Oly shoes…I can only imagine what you will be throwing around.

  3. Amanda W says:

    Nice work, Emily! And you aren’t even looking at someone for critiques DURING your lift 🙂 This is the first of more PR’s to come. Also – shout out to Argo for matching her snatch PR last night after lifing legs in the AM!

  4. Mere says:

    Hell yeah Emily!
    Now that you got those slim green shoes i’m sure your #’s will increase 😉

    To all who are currently taking the OLY course, best decision you ever made!

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