We are hosting the Crossfit Level 1 Certificate Course this weekend. We will be closed Saturday the 21st and yoga will be cancelled on the 22nd.

The Coastal Carolina Clash
Saturday August 4th CrossFit Wilmington and Wilmington Strength and Conditioning will host the Coastal Carolina Clash.  This event will be the first ever strength triathlon in the Wilmington area. It will consist of three events, an “Old School” Olympic meet with maxes in the snatch, clean & jerk and clean & press, max attempts at a deadlift and bench press, and a strength-based Crossfit WOD.  The lifting portions will use USAW weight classes.  You may sign up for one, two or all three of the events.

This event promises to be fun for all and is a great chance for anyone who has never competed to do so. The cost is $20 and includes an event T-shirt and food.  We are keeping the cost low so you can have a few bucks to enjoy your time in Wilmington, but any proceeds above the cost of the event will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Sign up for the event here.

Kids Camp Ages 8 and Older August 4th-10th
We still have a few spots available for our CFW Summer Kid’s Kamp for ages 8 and older . The camp will run 9am to 1pm from August 6th-10th. Your child will enjoy a week filled with Crossfit movements, Gymnastics, Yoga, Martial Arts, Nutritional education and much more. Light snacks will be provided daily during Nutrition Education. We recommend packing plenty of water and a small lunch.
Cost: $125 ($75 for siblings after initial $125)

CFW Instructor Gene Instructing Thursday night’s Introduction Class. Welcome to Crossfit Wilmington Carlton (far left), Terri Ann and Ashlynd!


[5 Overhead Squats (4,1,x,0)  + 3 Box Jumps (28/24)] x 5

For time. . .

30 Wall Ball (20/14)
20m Sled Push (+50/+25)
20 Wall Ball
20m Sled Push
10 Wall Ball
20m Sled Push

Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch 2r x 3s @ 70%
1 Heaving Snatch Balance + 2 OHS @ 70% of Snatch
Tall Clean 2r x 3s @ 60% (focus on SPEED under bar)
Clean Pull 5r x 4s @ 90-95% of Clean

13 thoughts on “Overhead Squats + Box Jumps

  1. No GOOD says:

    Hello CFW family!!!! I want to say congrats to James I know you will continue to go further faster and you will make those around you better. Next welcome to all the new members I look forward to WODing with you when I return.
    OK we can mark this as No GOOD’s first “SOAPBOX POST” of his deployment. I am at a new location overseas, for security reasons I can not mention the name of my location but for simplicity we will call this place “GYM HELL”. I am posting this to so you all know how goo you have it and even when you cant find the right jump rope at least there is a jump rope…..
    1. Signs all over the gym and on the mirrors, mirrors from wall to all, the signs read NO DROPPING WEIGHTS, DO NOT SLAM WEIGHTS.
    1A. Apparently PLANET FITNESS got the contract to run the gym on this base.
    2. I actually saw a guy carrying 35lbs plates over to his bar watch him self flexing as he put them on the bar. I have seen Thomas do this imaging how huge he’d look if we only had mirrors at CFW
    2A. this same guy came over and climbed the rope just as i finished the WOD, was trying to show off by not using his legs and almost fell when he finally hit the top, silly soldier didn’t even do thrusters prior
    3. There are only 2 pair of 25 lb plates that fit and oly bar, 2 friggin pair!!!!!
    3a. there are however 4 pair with the small hole that only seem to fit on the weight tree
    4. the floor is rubber, hold on I know what you are thinking, saweet…WRONG is is soft and squishy.
    5. The gym manager is some euro trash dude that looks line a 5 foot version of the wrestler Rob Van Damn , yes the pony tail is present
    5A. Thank god for head phones because the gym stereo plays ENDLESS euro techno, Less would love that.
    6. The constant FAILS watching the sheep move about the gym from curl station to crual station positioning equipment in front of the mirror for more curls.
    7. Oh my favorite, the inshpe guy with the skinny weaker or fatter weaker friend they have decided to take under their wing and train them.
    8. GLOVES, yes I wear batting gloves and I advocate them to everyone if your hands rip while doing a ton of pull ups, not the gloves I’m talking about …I’m talking about the gloves that are fingerless, with writs supports that come up to the middle of your forearm that guys will put on to run on the tread mill.
    9. No technique, i atch myself staring and usually my jaw drops in disbelief , one that many many many years ago I was one of these lost people but with all the knowledge out there you still see someone dead lift with a rounded back tracking there hands over there knees. I also can not put into words what I have seen people do on the smith machine.
    10. Kettle Bells, they have actually improved in the fact that they went from 2 to 16 KB’s how ever they are behind the desk and you have to sign them out for use……

    Ok thank you for reading, I kind of feel much better. there are many more things I could comment one but 10 is enough for now. I miss CFW and our bumper plates!!!!

    Have a great day
    No GOOD , stuck in GYM HELL

  2. Sensei says:

    No Good! Some times we have to be in hell to realize how thankful we are for heaven!


    As for the AM classes at the box. GREAT IMPROVEMENTS ON THE OHS!! Christian started off with just the bar and his form was TERRIBLE! We worked it, he raised his confidence level and his EGO, and BOOM 10 minutes later he was at depth with 65lb! Hell Yes! Same for Jenn!

    You guys continue to impress! and remember, You won’t know your limits until you test them!

    Have a great weekend! and remember to scare yourself every day. Because someday, You’ll be dead tomorrow.


  3. Meagan says:

    Welcome to Ashland, Carlton, and Tari Ann.

    Can’t wait to teach this wod tonight. Fun stuff.

  4. Whitney says:

    First dose of BCAA”s down the hatch. Looking forward to blogging about my experience with them on my web site. Thanks for your help today, Tanner. I have one last question and it is: Will these effect being able to fall asleep?

  5. Whitney says:

    Ron you’re such a good writer. I was cracking up. Practice your Dali Lama. A situation isn’t negative or positive, it’s your perception that decides. Do you want me to send you some TRX bands? You should just do yoga the whole time you are there. Seriously. And Tony is funny.

  6. t. says:

    BCAA do not stimulate the CNS nor do they directly stimulate neurotransmitters that increase dopamine (increased brain activity nt). However, they can inadvertently decrease serotonin (sleep inducing nt) by limiting the conversion of L-typtophan in the sleep chain. So if taken at bedtime, they could interfere with your sleep… however doubtful.

    BCAAs are best taken pre, during, and post workout. They are absorbed very rapidly and therefore any affects on your CNS you would feel almost immediately. You can take them at wake and at bed (I do) to get more of them and spread the your supply to the body if you choose.

    The effective / optimal dosage is 1/4-1/3 your body weight in grams.

    Ex: Body weight 140lbs. 35-45grams per day.

    10grams pre-workout, 15 split up and taken during workout, then 10-20 pwo.

    Taking less than 20 grams is considered ineffective and therefore, a waste.

  7. Jared R says:

    You have to find a outdoor box. If you are ever on leatherneck check out Crossfit LNK it’s on LSA 5.5.

    I registered for the Crossfit Wilmington team today. It will be my first tough mudder I’m pumped.

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