Sara C. completed today's workout in her strength program on Wednesday. Sara became a BioSignature client 7 weeks ago and switched to a strength program. Her goal, gain muscle and reduce body fat. Last week she tipped the scale at 130lbs for the first time in her life! At the time of today's post Sara is up 9lbs of muscle and down 3% bodyfat. Congratulations!

Sled Push
Begin with a sled loaded with (+45lbs/+0).
Push 20m
Add 25lbs
Rest 30 seconds

Repeat until you cannot move the sled.  Then reduce the weight by 25lbs and repeat until sled is empty.

9 thoughts on “Sara C. and Success

  1. Sara Clark says:

    Haha I’m pretty sure I wasn’t succeeding in moving the sled in that particular picture, but thanks guys.

    Have fun with this workout! the lighter it is, the faster you should push it. None of the weights should be “easy” or you aren’t trying.

  2. Scott S says:

    Sara – you are amazing! Proud to be in the same gym as you!

    Anyone seen those men’s times in Event 01 Central East??

  3. t. says:

    I’m very proud of Sara. She came to me with a goal and we sat down and came up with a plan for her to achieve it. She then took on the hard part… compliance with the plan. Funny thing, she’s made it look easy.

    Interested in accomplishing a specific fitness goal? I am opening my schedule to one on one training for the next three months for 5 people. It is the first time in a long time I have had the opportunity to offer personal training for an extended period. Contact me if you are interested: tony “at”

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