Dan Joye turned 40 years old yesterday.

In two weeks we will celebrate his 3 years membership at CrossFit Wilmington.  Above is a pic we took yesterday with Dan rocking his 40 years tshirt.  Below are two pics of Dan’s first day at CrossFit Wilmington.

Through dedication and hard work Dan has lost 70lbs of fat and gained muscle and increased his strength and fitness exponentially.  Dan finished first last year in the NC Triathlon series, Clydesdale Category, cave dives and spear fishes,  trains at Evolution MMA and competes in BJJ tournaments.  He continues to set new goals to run down and crush.

Don’t stop Bro!  Congratulations.

7 thoughts on “For Best Results… Identify Goal. Develop Plan. Eliminate Excuses. Execute Plan.

  1. Julie G. says:

    Happy Birthday Dan!

    Louie placed overall 6th place going into today’s WODs. Give him some love on FB.

  2. Dan J says:

    thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone and Tony thanks for the love on the site too. Here is what I figured out in 40 years……………….it all boils down to three things. mindset……………choices…………….and holding yourself accountable. Master those three virtues and you can do or become anything you want.

    Life is fully going for me……………..Get some……………….

  3. josh says:

    It’s been awesome to watch the transformation in Dan from the beginning! Mindset…Choicess… Accountability. That would be a cool t-shirt! Way to go St’ Louis, keep it up

  4. Scott S says:

    Dan- you are one tough fella! I remember doing a 100 burpee WOD with you years ago and I kept thinking how is this big guy keeping up?? I think we both tied at just over 9 minutes. My @$$ was so sore the next day I could barely walk. So every time my @$$ hurts, I think of you. Happy Birthday!

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