Pursuit of fitness does not have to be a miserable proposition. It doesn’t have to be marked by a feelings of hunger all the time and workouts that leave you crying at the end of the session. It’s really not that serious.


Fitness can be fun. I know, sounds blasphemous to some, but really, fitness can and should be a lot of fun.


If what you are doing isn’t fun, the likelihood of continuing with it decreases rapidly. When is the last time you went out on a weekend and stuck with something that wasn’t fun?


Think about that party you went to with the boring couple. We all know at least one. You probably didn’t stick around long after dinner because you weren’t having any fun. You might even have looked for an excuse to leave early!


Fitness is the same way. We’ll stick with the monotony of boring workouts for a time. Some of us longer than others. But if we’re not having fun with it then we are very unlikely to stick with any regimen long term.


So at CrossFit Wilmington, we strive to make fitness fun. We want to keep you excited about what you’re doing and keep you motivated to work hard and experience the encouragement and camaraderie of others working to improve their fitness too.


With that said, having fun is not mutually exclusive to improving and reaching goals. They can be done simultaneously. I think the most fun I’ve ever had is when I had a group of people around me motivating me to improve and succeed. To hit that next milestone or PR.


So let’s shift our mindset a little bit. Enjoy the day to day process of improvement and success. It should be fun! If it isn’t, talk to a coach, let us help you set some goals and make this fun!