Audrey and I joined CrossFit Coastal right around our 48th birthdays with no organized sports background.  We didn’t start at the ground level, we started in the basement!  After the first week, we could barely sit down or lift our arms above our heads, but we were hooked.  We had never been part of something where everyone around you was so supportive of you reaching your goals.  It took well over 6 months to just get accustomed to the terms, lifts and basic techniques.  Gains were hard to come by, still are, but we made slow and steady progress.

Just when we were feeling comfortable, our box merged with CFW and, in some ways, we felt like we were starting over again.  CFW was much larger and had a reputation for pumping out world-class competitors.  But from day one, we never felt like outsiders and the knowledge and guidance of Tony, and now Tanner, and the coaches at CFW bumped our training up to the next level.

I think the biggest change we have seen since starting at CFW is that we both feel that nothing is off limits to us.  I remember the day I walked into the gym and saw ‘rope climb’ in the WOD and thought “Never done it and never will!” 2 weeks later I was wearing a 25lbs weighted vest and smacking the ceiling beam with 1 hand.  Just a few months ago, Audrey couldn’t get herself to jump up on two stacked 45-lbs weights once, but now is completing WODs Rx that include multiple box jumps at 24”.

Both being just months away from hitting 50, our current goals may be different from most others.  We aren’t training to qualify for competition (although, we know we could with the support of CFW), we just want to continue to improve our strength, refine techniques and continue to stay healthy and injury free.  Personally, I am working on the elusive bar muscle-up while Audrey is trying to perfect her double-unders.

My best memory at CFW was seeing myself and everyone else hitting PRs in December at the end of our strength cycle.  Audrey says hers is definitely her first rope climb.