Fit it Forward Challenge Day 4: – We’re spreading happy. Read about it here.


Today we are going to focus on the Bright Spots


Everyone is good at something, or at least working really hard on it. Taken out of context this can seem kind of silly, but really it’s a great thing. We are by our nature, drawn to point out the negatives, so we want you to spend time this week finding the bright spots.


We try to find Bright Spots for all of our members – find what they’re good at. That’s how we start every single person who comes in our gym. When someone hit s a PR we as coaches celebrate it.


Finding bright spots in the gym is easy.


Finding bright spots outside the gym is a little harder, or easier to forget. When your husband, who is a great at making dinner, forgets to do the dishes or take out the trash, it’s easy to lose focus on the bright spots. Focus on the dinner today – you don’t have to forget the other stuff, just let him know it is appreciated.


Don’t do this quietly. If you see something, say something!