Bob Weeks Run Across NC Finish Line
Today, Bob Weeks of Fix for the Day will be finishing his run across North Carolina to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project.  The run started in Asheville on May 8th and finishes here in Wilmington today. He has asked us to join him in the WOD “Garrett,”  named in honor of Mooresville NC Marine, Cpl Garrett Carnes who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan in February of this year.  Bob and his crew will be at CFW at 5 pm today to film the completion of Bob’s run and the workout.  Come out and show support for this great cause!

Last Day to Pre Order Ladies’ Tank Tops
Today is the last day to order tank tops.  The sign up sheet is on the board. If you have yet to pay, please see Josh or Tanner before the end of the day.

Today's workout is in honor of Marine corporal Garrett Carnes who lost his legs to an IED in Afghanistan in February. Photo courtesy of



800m run
8 rounds of…
6 Clean to Thruster (135/85)
7 Over the Bar Burpees
800m run

Olympic Weightlifting

Hang Snatch 2r x 6s
Snatch Grip Shrug Pull 2r x 6s (Heavy!)
Shoulder Press 5r x 5s

8 thoughts on “Finish Line

  1. Hodge says:

    WOD sounds brutal. What a great send off for this memorial wknd! can’t wait to participate1

  2. Tanner says:

    5:30 and 6:30 classes crushed it this morning! It’s always great to see you all pushing hard through these long workouts. Have a great weekend everybody! If you are free, come out to the Brave Soldier Challenge tomorrow at 10 am and see some CFW peeps kill it!

  3. Sensei says:

    Excellence this morning by everyone in the GYM!!

    Melissa (soccer player, does most wod rx) – She KILLED IT and told me after wards that every time she felt like stopping or slowing down she’d visualize the above pic of Garrett and that she’s going through nothing compared to him.

    Inspiration and Expectation DRIVES MOTIVATION!!

  4. Jen S. says:

    Hi Friends!

    I need your help! Focus On The Coast is doing a “Best Spray Tan in Wilmington”. Will you please go to and just say I vote for Prima for best spray tan in Wilmington. That would be awesome! I will be forever in your debt. ha! Love you peeps!

  5. Jordan says:

    Garrett, thank you for your service, sir. I will gladly take this ass-whooping tonight in your honor.

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