Ryan McInnis, CFW member and videoographer badass, took footage of our FGB Fundraiser and put together this video.  We’ve submitted the vid to the “2010 Pukie Awards Fight Gone Bad 5 Video Contest”.any comment!

To win, a video must have to most comments posted on the Vimeo site.  That’s it.  All you have to do to make Ryan’s vid the winner is post a comment,

[vimeo 15698947 320]

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6 thoughts on “Fight Gone Bad Video Contest

  1. No GOOD says:

    Ok I was just on the phone with Ryan. This Viemo thing is tricky. We need some assistance. I have log on created an account, you have to to leave comments. However I have not been able to leave comments. I am calling out to our super smart CFW Geek Squad for assistance in posting a step by step for this so we can help Ryan win. Thanks standing by

  2. Abs says:

    Definitely not super smart TECHY lady but I had an issue too! once I signed up i had to go to my email to verify my email address before I could leave comments…after i did that I was GOLDEN!!! get some!

  3. Sensei says:

    Yeah, it’s weird. but You have to sign up and then check your email to verify it. Then it’ll let you leave a comment.

    Good job Ryan, awesome stuff!

  4. Ryan McInnis says:

    Ahh… good tips you guys/gals- I joined so long ago I didn’t remember that step. I’ll spread the word!

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