Join us this Wednesday, March 5th from 6:30-8:00pm for a seminar on fat loss. This is the next piece in our ongoing series of clinics on health, training, and body comp is a clinic on healthy weight loss. Join Tony for a clinic on how to reduce your body fat while maintaining your lean muscle in the healthiest ways possible. Many folks, despite regular training sessions and making progress in the gym, struggle to burn off the fat. This clinic will line out how to best drop the pounds without compromising your training or your health.


Bryan McGee working through clean & jerks last week.
Bryan McGee working through clean & jerks last week.


Hang Snatch 2r x 5s

3 Dynamic Effort Box Jumps- (36/30) + 7 KB Swings (24/16) – 8 sets
rest 45-60sec b/w sets

Tabata (20sec on/10sec off):
4min Burpees
Rest 1min
4min Alternating Knee to Elbow

CFW Supplemental
Run or Row 30sec on /30sec off for 20min

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