Today we wish another of CFW’s best Goodbye.  Tanner is joining a lengthening list of trainers who have moved on to opening their own facilities.

Tanner has been an integral part of CrossFit Wilmington and will be surely missed.  A constant professional and a leader at heart, Tanner sets a fine example for all of us.  His commitment to and care for our clientele has made him an asset.

While I hate losing him from our staff, I am very happy and proud of him for opening his own facility.  His Austin, TX clients will benefit greatly.  We wish him all the best.
Farewell Brother,

We’ve still a few projects to finish before the new gym is complete.  The showers are priority one.  We will have at least one ready in a few days.   The pull bars, ropes, rings, and other misc. things will be ready in no time!

Steve and Sydney


Behind the Neck Shoulder Press 5 x 5
Push Press  5 x 5

4 rounds for time…
10 SDLHP (135lbs/95lbs)
10 Slam Ball


18 thoughts on “Farewell Tanner

  1. Patrick A. says:

    Tanner is one of my favorite instructors. His expertise and willingness to help will be missed. It will be hard to find somebody to take his place.

  2. Pedrina says:

    Good luck Tanner! Thanks for all your help. I will miss you and will help in looking out for Sara so she gets to you safely. Please visit! 🙂

  3. Paul says:

    You are an excellent instructor and will be missed. I appreciate all that you have done to help me achieve my fitness goals. Thank you and Best of Luck!

  4. sara clark says:

    Eh, he’s been alright I guess… ;-). Have fun back home Tanner! You’ll be a huge success. And thanks for introducing me to cfw.

  5. Albert Steed says:

    Thanks for everything man. I have greatly enjoyed bouncing nutirtion questions off of you. It has been a great time. I wish you the best of luck in your new venture and I know your place is going to be a great one. Get it done dude and good luck on Nationals. 🙂


  6. brock wilson says:

    Tanner. I had heard this was in the works. Sorry to see you go, but much success will come your way, I’m sure of it.

    No need to thank me for all the Snatch Tips, it’s all part of my giving nature. Stick with it, and one day you may be pretty good at it!

    You will be missed.

  7. Meagan says:

    Tanner is leaving?!?!?!? What the @&$# haha just kidding. Tanner, you will be greatly missed. I know your box will be kick ass. Guess I will have to make some trips to TX. Thanks for all of your help on the Oly Lifts. See you at American Open 2013 dude! Best of luck.

    Steve and Sydney….you two are sexy! Nice work on the workout.

  8. Joe W. says:

    Tanner is leaving b/c he fears me kicking his butt again and again in workouts (Battle of the Bucket rival). Love ya man and I hope you make millions of dollars at your big time gym…and just remember ” THE STARS AT NIGHT ARE BIG IN BRIGHT, DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS.”

  9. Mark V says:

    Gonna miss your positive attitude and support around the the box. I don’t doubt you will be successful in your new venture. Best of luck my friend-

  10. Whitney Ross Gray says:

    Thanks for being so nice and having the patience to explain things to me. Best of luck! Check out Paleo FX if you’re in Austin and don’t forget to look up Keith Norris at Efficient Exercise.

  11. Trey says:

    Tanner, thank you so much for keeping me coming back to CrossFit. You were there to answer all of my questions and provide and encouraging word when I needed it. You’re a born leader and a great guy. I’m jealous of your new clients in TX. Please remember your friends here and know that we’ll miss you.

  12. Erin says:

    Thank you for all your help in getting Don and ,me started at CrossFit Wilmington, Tanner – you’ve provided a tremendous amount of information. Enjoy all that great food in Austin and good luck with your new venture!

  13. Heidi H says:

    Thanks so much for all your support, advice, and recommendations during our BioSig sessions. It’s been a great experience and helped me in get my body to where I want to be. 🙂 You will be missed at CFW. Best of luck on your new adventures in TX!

  14. Miss Nancy says:

    Dearest Tanner,
    I had no idea that you were leaving, and I just can’t believe that you will not be here any more. I will miss your calm nature, your sincere smile, your patience, your unlimited knowledge and your professionalism. Best of luck to you in Texas. They will be very lucky to have you.

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