Wilmington, as a college and beach town, is a city with a transient population floating in and out yearly.  We have been fortunate to maintain a steady member and instructor core throughout the years regardless of the population fluctuating as it does.  This month, however, we must say goodbye to three of CFW’s instructors and athletes who are taking their talents out of Wilmington and moving on to bigger things. Liz Moriarty, Ben Sturgill and Emily Hoffman have left the Wilmington area to pursue career opportunities in other parts of the state and country.


Liz has taken a job in Baltimore Maryland as a trainer at Ojas Wellness Center.  During her time in Wilmington Liz was an accomplished triathlete, a personal trainer and an outstanding instructor at CFW.  She will be greatly missed both as an athlete and instructor.

Ben has chosen to take a huge leap in his business career and is



opening his own CrossFit gym in High Point, NC, 336 CrossFit and Athletic Training. Ben is a phenomenal crossfit athlete and instructor. After only a year of working out at CFW, he competed in regionals at the team competition and won an individual competition up in Cary. We have no doubt that he will be very successful in this endeavor.  If any of our members find themselves in the High Point area, be sure to stop by Ben’s gym to check it out.

Emily is one of CFW’s newest instructors.  She graduated from UNCW yesterday and is moving to New York City to pursue a career in marketing.  We have been happy to have her on board here, her positive attitude and demeanor brighten up our classes and we know that she will be doing big things in the near future.

Thank all three of you for spending your time with us here at CFW.  You are always welcome back for a visit and we wish you the best of luck in the future, wherever it may lead.



Thank you to all who came out to support the pet food drive yesterday. We had over 50 people run with over 1200 lbs of food and pups in tow.  It’s always great to see such support from our members for fundraisers at our gym and others’.  CFW’s members continue to impress.

50 strong in front of Gold’s
Over 1200 lbs of dog food, carried 2.4 miles!

5 thoughts on “Farewell Liz, Ben and Emily

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Also a huge thank you to everyone that brought a toy out to the Toys for Tots drive!!! Such amazing people!

  2. Amanda W says:

    We’ll miss all of you! Em, it has been nice getting to know you. It’s a shame your cornhole skills weren’t refined before leaving! And Liz, your strength is going to stun the CF you decide to join up there. Good luck! Ben, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of you between competitions and visits. Can’t wait to see the new box!

  3. Liz says:

    CFW has been an amazing place, training & many friendships I charish. Thank you and I miss you already. Keep kicking butt everyone!

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