Thomas doing Tuesday's complex at 185. That's RX plus 50 lbs. If you want more you have to do more.

Extend Your Unlimited Classes!
Our Goal here at Crossfit Wilmington is offer you, our client, the best fundamental training available not only in Wilmington, but anywhere! We start all new members off with 6 months of Unlimited Classes teaching you fundamentals, setting you up for Open Gym Membership. Open Gym is what sets us apart from other CrossFit gyms here at CFW. We realize there are those of you who enjoy the instruction and camaraderie of the class structure. So, starting in September, we will extend a discounted rate of $110 per month for Unlimited Classes to members who have been here for 6 months or longer. To apply for this discount please see Josh or email him at


6 x 30 sec L- sit hold
6 x 30 sec Glute Ham holds
6 x 30 sec Handstand holds
6 x 30 sec H0llow Rock holds

14 thoughts on “Extend Your Unlimited Classes at a Discounted Rate!

  1. Meagan says:

    Nice Work Albert!

    CFW Ladies and Gents: Recipe Exchange Night September 3rd is now open for guys and gals. Sign up sheet at the gym!

  2. Abs says:

    Great Job Albert! Thomas= BEAST….

    Frati 1 and I did the complex yesterday…changed it a up a bit and did ALL 3 complexes and took a minute rest between each complex to lower the weight for the next one! It was GREAT….I need that and to break up the movement (Full Clean) like that really made us feel the things we were doing wrong!

    Recipe exchange sweet…so how many should we bring? how many dishes? a bunch of copies or a notebook and paper to write em all down? DETAILS!!! oh and are Tequilla Diet Tonic and Lime allowed 😉

  3. Albert Steed says:

    Thanks all! I was shooting for a sub 9 since my last mile was around 10:15 a few months ago. Amazing that I shaved off so much time with the extra weight and busting hump. 🙂

  4. Meagan says:

    RECIPE EXCHANGE: I would say bring a plate full. We still have no idea how many people are coming. I would write your recipe down on an index card and if people want to write down your recipe they can bring something to write it down on….or…..wait for it…..I will type it all up and email out to everyone who attends. Let me know what works.

  5. Tanner says:

    Hey guys, we are still planning on having the gymnastics seminar on Saturday, pending the weather. It is only $20 and it will be a great help for many of the crossfit gymnastics movements. Stay tuned for any updates or cancellation based on the weather.

  6. t. says:

    Albert is down over 70lbs… I’ve only been gone 6 weeks and I barely recognized him at the beach last night.

    Congrats, congrats, congrats Albert. Good stuff.

  7. Albert Steed says:

    Thanks T! Seeing you yesterday was pretty gratifying based on your response. 🙂 Now I just got to get rid of the rest of the stomach and I will be happy with my progress. 🙂 I will e-mail you my total loss in pounds in measurements over the weekend. The numbers on inches lost are just silly.

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