This is hands down the most informative (and almost scary) book about the ill effects of wheat on our population.  It is written by a medical doctor, so all you that only take nutrition advice from your doctor, here ya go.  Everyone should read this.



If the decisions you made each day had lives depending on them, would you be more deliberate and less careless?  No matter your profession, the guidance and direction you provide your team can make or break your success.  Take example from Pete Blaber, a former commander of SFOD-D and learn from his insight.

3 Ms


Renowned S&C Coach Charles Poliquin made time under tension, imbalance correction, and eccentric training famous.  His book, The Poliquin Principles, has just been updated and re-released.



Poliquin Principles



Napolean Hill is one of the greatest American writers.  He puts to paper concepts and mindset that truly help you focus your efforts towards success.  Begin with The Laws of Success, but read all his works.

The Law of Success