Since we posted the article by Melissa Hoff DDS on environmental estrogen-like toxins and again after Robb Wolf’s podcast, we’ve gotten quite a few questions about estrogen dominance. The questions come mostly from the ladies, but guys, high estrogen levels adversely affect you too. Estrogen dominance is never caused by one thing. It is a multifaceted condition with many negative health connotations. Estrogen dominance is often identified easily. Women with high estrogen levels almost always have a disproportionate amount of fat storage on the lower body. Men with high estrogen store fat around the breasts, back of their arms and legs. Luckily, correcting estrogen imbalances is not that difficult. A BioSignature consult lines out the exact changes to your diet, product exposure, and few estrogen eliminating /detoxing sups to rid your bottom, backside or manboobs of the unwanted fat stored there. Read the articles below for more info on estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance fat storage.

Estrogen Dominance – Symptoms, Causes, and What to do About It
Estrogen dominance is becoming one of the more common hormone imbalances today among both men and women. Estrogen dominance occurs when the ratio of estrogen to progesterone sways too much one way or another.
Read entire article here.

Female Fat Loss, Estrogen & Stubborn Lower Body Fat
by Rich Phillipps – BioSignature Modulation Practitioner
Read entire article here.


Male estrogen issues manifest as increased fat storage around the breasts.

10 Ways to Lower Estrogen’s Toxic Load
by Charles Poliquin
Prevent cancer and lose weight by detoxifying estrogen from the body. High estrogen levels and problems eliminating it are well known to result in prostate and breast cancer. Estrogen is a problem for men as well as women due to multiple factors, especially the huge amounts of chemical estrogens we are exposed to in our daily lives. Did you know that there are chemical estrogens in plastic bottles, cosmetics, shampoo and personal care products, oil-based coatings, pesticides, and animal hormones?  Read entire article here.


This is the last week of this Hybrid Mesocycle. Each of the last four weeks you were able to record and note your adaptation to the loads and volumes. You have recorded great gains over the last four weeks that translated in putting up record numbers and times. During this final week we will implement max efforts with the lifts and continue the met-con’s, continue to record your numbers throughout this week for use in future programming.

Crossfit Day 1/ Week 5

Back Squat
Work up to a 5 RM

4 Rounds for time of…
10 Deadlift (225/155)
10 Push Press (135/85)
* Compare your time with Day 1/ Week 1

11 thoughts on “Estrogen Dominance

  1. Taylor says:

    I have really enjoyed these weekly WODs. I can’t wait to see what CFW comes up with next to keep the mix interesting and fun. Im attempting to sign up again for the Tough Mudder today, anyone else in?!!

  2. Noelle says:

    HUGE gains today! Did higher for a 1RM than second week sets by 15lbs. Also cut 2:30 off my metcon time AND added weight to make it rx’d. Crazy. Thanks team…

  3. sara clark says:

    I’m doing an estrogen detox cycle right now. I’m on phase 2 of 3 and while the fiber tastes awful, I think it’s working. 🙂 for those of you who are pretty leaned out but have some stubborn lower body jiggles, definitely consider giving it a shot!

    Would love more of you to follow Taylor and be on our tough mudder team! Reminder- the password is cfw2012 all lower case, no spaces.

  4. Josh says:

    Good numbers today guy’s and gal’s. Heidi H. hit 165lbs for a 5RM today, Week 1 she was only able to work up to her 135lbs for a set of 5. Great job on the 30lb increase Heidi!

  5. Mike Smith says:

    Thanks for welcoming me at the 9am this am, guys! I’ll be hanging out all week, so look forward to seeing more of ya’ll. Managed 285 for the 5RM back squat, and 7:08 on the WOD Rx, one bar (removing and replacing plates each round). See you guys tomorrow!

  6. Heidi H says:

    Thanks Josh! I am enjoying this cycle and can really see an increase in my strength! 🙂 See you tomorrow!

  7. Tanner says:

    GREAT energy in the gym tonight! Everyone was lifting heavy, many of you heavier than you thought you could. Getting strong!

  8. Anthony heath says:

    Congrats Heidi and also a shout out to your lifting partner, Kelly A, for hitting 165 as well. Great work ladies.

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