Fat Loss Tip:  Take fiber to reduce estrogen dominance related fat stores.  Excess fat storage on the lower body (aptly named “Estro-Ass”” by CFW instructor Meagan K.), pec, and tricep indicate estrogen dominance.  These fat stores are often referred to as “stubborn” fats.  They are harder to lose because high estrogen levels are protecting them.  So the are less effected by common diet changes like simply lowering your calories or reducing carbs.

Adding fibers that are good for detoxification, like flax seed, chia seed, apple pectin, carrot, beets, cranberry seeds and psyllium, help clear excess estrogen.  Many of us do not get enough fiber.  Eating more more fibrous carbs (veggies) will help, but adding and rotating the aforementioned fibers will help get things moving…  or maybe lessen some of that unwanted movement (jiggle).

We are surrounded by, ingest, and absorb many chemical compounds that mimic estrogen in our bodies.  They build up and overwhelm the liver’s capability to clear them.  Hormone based birth controls also increase estrogen.  The hormones our meat sources are full of are mostly estrogen.  Have you cooked food in a teflon coated pan lately?  How about nuked a plastic dish in the microwave?  The articles below will help you better understand this issue and how to clean up your environment.

For a complete estrogen reducing protocol, see Cody, Melissa, or t. for a BioSig consultation.

Is Estrogen Dominance Making You Fat?
By Charles Poliquin

Your Environment’s Effects On Fat Storage and Health 
By CFW Instructor Melissa Hoff, DDS

Estrogen Dominance Syndrome
by Dr. Ronald Hoffman










Power Clean – Work up to a heavy single

For Time…
40 Clean & Jerk for time (135, 95)


Wilmington Weightlifting Club

Back Squat – 83% x 5 x 5
Hang Clean (mid-thigh) – 68% x 3 x 2, 73% x 3 x 3
Clean Deadlift (upper thigh) – 83% (of clean) x 3, 88% x 3 x 2
Romanian Deadlift – 68% (of back squat) x 5 x 3


3 thoughts on “A Case Of The Estro-Ass

  1. Meagan says:

    I have an amazing group of people taking the Oly class!!! Can not wait to see the gains you all will make!

    ESTROGEN-ASS….my claim to fame haha! Love that term!!!

  2. LTB says:

    what the heck do i do with these chia seeds i bought? i ate a spoonful but are there other suggestions out there?

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