Please join us this evening, August 12th, at 7pm for a no cost clinic on balancing your CrossFit and/or strength work with your endurance work. Tony will explain the basic physiology at play in the different energy systems and how to train them concurrently to achieve your best performance while avoiding overtraining and injury.

If you are one of the many CrossFitters who are training for, or would like to train for, an upcoming endurance event this clinic is for you.

You do not have to be a CFW member to attend.


CFW Instructor Shannon warming up Saturday's M.I.T. class.
CFW Instructor Shannon warming up Saturday’s M.I.T. class.


5 rds of:
3-4 Push Press
3-4 Weighted Ring Pull-ups
rest 2 min b/w sets


Tabata these:
3min Rope Climbs
rest 1min
rest 1min
3min Pull-Ups