Endurance Training and Programming Seminar
Tonight from 6:30 until 8:30, CFW will present an endurance sports seminar.  If you’d like to increase your run, swim, bike, or other endurance sport join us to learn about endurance programming.
Cost — $50

Reminder: There will not be a 6pm or 7pm Class tonight due to the Endurance Seminar

Olympic Lifting Intro Course Starts Saturday 2/4 at 10 am
Three spots are still available!

POSE Clinic With Ed Bugarin Sunday 2/5 12:00 PM
Ed Bugarin will return to CFW This Sunday February 5th at 12 pm. The Clinic is expected to last 4 hours and the available spots are limited.
Cost is $100.00. This includes a CD with your pre and post videos.
Sign up and deposit of $50 are required. Make checks payable to  CrossFit Wilmington.

Tanner clears the 24" box mid-way through the plyo box sequence












30 Turkish Get-ups (20 second count)
40 Reverse Hyper Extensions
50 Ab Mat Crunches

8 thoughts on “Endurance Seminar Tonight at 6:30

  1. Albert Steed says:

    I think reading about all the Muscle Up action yesterday most have motivated me. 🙂 Big thanks to Mike for helping me with the false grip this morning. I was able to hit my first MU after about 7 tries and pushing through it. That was one of my things on my bucket list for the year. 😀

    Glad Mike encouraged us to work on things we weren’t good at after this “quick and easy” day as he called it. 😀

  2. Meagan says:

    Nice work Albert. I was so pumped I got the MU’s on Tuesday, that I tried again yesterday and could not get ONE. It was so frustrating. Today I will try them again.

    I always tell people to come in and practice their weaknesses…the only way to get better is to keep trying and learning from coaches/athletes that are willing to take the time to help. I am super appreciative to everyone who has helped me along the way!

  3. Tanner says:

    Albert that’s awesome!! Huge accomplishment. In just over a year you went from being unable to do a pull up to doing a muscle up. Congrats!

    Like Meagan said, for anyone who wants to work on something, nothing beats practice. Whether double unders, kipping pull ups, muscle ups etc, grab an instructor after class and we’ll be happy to help.

  4. Mike M says:

    Congrats again on your Muscle Up, Albert! First muscle up is always a big milestone. Piggy backing off what Meagan was saying, working on your weaknesses is very important. The awesome thing about working on your weaknesses is that it will make your strengths stronger as well! Whether its after class, or even at home, practicing and getting stronger in those more difficult areas is the only way you will get better, and feel more comfortable when they show up in a workout/competition.

  5. t. says:

    Congrats Albert.

    Meagan… you get them consistently. Don’t sweat it.

    36″ wasn’t too hard to get over…. the fail was came on the 48″. It gave me some excellent feedback on my left shin. I’ve been walking around with an awesome pimp limp today.

    If you’re gonna be stupid, ya gotta be hard.

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