CFW 2012
CrossFit Wilmington circa 2012


On January 13th, CrossFit Wilmington will turn eight years old.

We still get the question, “How long have you guys been around?” We are proud to have been around for 8 years in an ever evolving fitness market. And we don’t plan on going anywhere in the next 8 years either.

There are several dozen who intimately know CrossFit Wilmington’s history. Some, like me, got their start in the original gym in Dutch Square. 1800 square feet and some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done, even to this day. Others honed in their CrossFit skills in the Harley Davidson warehouse off of Market St. Who can forget the massive skull on the wall, or the Fight Gone Bad 5 fundraiser? All found their own way to our door, grew from the experience, and we grew with them.  This year we will be making just a few changes to CrossFit Wilmington. You may have noticed the big pull up rig in the center of the gym, it’ll be things like that. It may look different, but it will still feel the same. And we want to minimize the transition for our Elders: current members of the CrossFit Wilmington Family.

Our membership rates changed effective January 1. Our elders’ rates will not. Unless, of course, you like the new options better.

If you have any active membership at CrossFit Wilmington today, nothing will change. Show up to gym as usual, and work hard.  New members will have the new options, and you’ll keep yours.

No matter when you started, thanks for being part of the CrossFit Wilmington Family . We love you all.