“Eat to Perform.” That is honestly my least favorite slogan ever to hit the interwebs.

The basis behind this statement is simple. Elite level athletes aren’t concerned with whether their six pack is showing. They’re concerned with putting out the greatest performance possible. Putting aside the fact, that most athletes have incredible physiques (probably due to diet and exercise), the statement is mostly true for elite athletes.

But, I have some bad news for most of you.

You aren’t an elite athlete. And neither am I. In fact I’d estimate that only about 1% of the average gym going population – CrossFit or otherwise – actually needs to eat to perform.

The rest of us need to eat to lose, or eat to sustain. But those two aren’t as catchy slogans. They also don’t allow you to take instagrams of donuts pretend like you’re actually supporting your performance goals. Training 1 hour per day 4 days per week doesn’t exactly qualify as a performance athlete. And that’s absolutely fine!

I’d say the vast majority of people that walk in our gym doors have similar goals. They want to feel better, lose a few pounds, and maybe look good in a bathing suit. For that, you most definitely do not need to “Eat to Perform.” Even if one of your goals is to compete in some sort of fitness competition, you’ll be better suited to eat for health than to try to eat like an elite athlete.

So, scrap the catchy saying, and eat to support your goals, and most certainly eat healthy.

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