About 3 years ago and a half years ago I decided to join CrossFit Wilmington.  Little did I know, my track to becoming a Crossfit Wilmington member acually started almost thirteen years ago when I was in Marine Corps BootCamp at Parris Island.  In the squad bay where I resided everyday I had the pleasure of standing directly in front of a recruit by the name of Darren Cansler .  Little did I know that eight years later I would randomly run into him here in Wilmington, NC.  Darren always  would tell me ” you need to come check out CrossFit Wilmington”.  Even though for a while I was curious and wanted to try it out, I always thought that it was too expensive and just kept putting it off.     I finally got tired of hearing Darren talk about it every time I would see him so I decided to give it a try.  I had no idea that the decision I made was going to be one of the best decisions that I had made for myself for multiple reasons.

Prior to CFW I basically just went through the motions when it came to fitness and thought I was in great shape.  I ran maybe 3 times a week and went to Gold’s Gym about 4 times a week to work out the “main parts of my body”, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back.  I felt that there was no need to do legs much since I was running 3 days a week.  I usually finished my workouts with a sugary protein shake and topped it off with a horrible diet.  Joining CFW was a complete gut check for me as far as where I thought my health and fitness levels were at.  My flexibility was basically non-existent. My endurance was very short-lived on almost every workout and most importantly, I was nowhere near as strong as I thought I was.

Keith and Dylan working through the double under/deadlift metcon last week.

After about 6 months of becoming a member at CFW my life was completely turned upside down. My mother passed away unexpectedly.  It absolutely destroyed me to lose my mother who I had been working with everyday for years to get her health back on track.  I had been transferring all of the knowledge that I was learning from CFW about nutrition to her because there was nothing nutritious about her diet.  The saddest part of it is that toward the end she finally started taking steps to become healthier and eat right but unfortunately her depression and health conditions ended up taking her.  My life at this point was in complete shambles and I could have easily slipped away from my new found love of CFW.  It took me a while to get back on track after this trauma. I was drinking and partying heavily just to try to find a piece of happiness, but quickly found out that it was only making my life worse.  So then I told myself to be the man that I was showing my mother that I had become and got back into CFW and returned to the healthier lifestyle that I had recently discovered.  After each workout at CFW I noticed that my mood would instantly become more positive.  CFW became my therapy when dealing with my mother’s death.  Not only did it become my therapy, but once I started noticing changes in my body, strength, endurance and flexibility, it became more like a healthy addiction.

Since then I have reached new PR’s that I never thought I would ever be able to reach in strength and speed.  I still have a ton of room to improve in many areas, but I am confident that I could not be in a better place to help me obtain the  improvements I seek in my life.  I feel that I owe everything to CFW for helping me get through this troubling time in my life and bettering my life all together.  To all new members who have just joined or people that are thinking of joining, this will be one of the best decisions you make. I promise.  You just have to stick with it even when its tough and the positive changes that you are hoping for will happen.  Just listen to the instructors and ask them questions for they are very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition and will always be there to help you.  Crossfit Wilmington is an extremely positive environment and I couldn’t be more grateful or more thankful to be a member.

And Last but not least Thanks Darren Cansler for talking me into joining 3 years ago, it really has paid off like you said it would.

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  1. dcansler says:

    Bro there is no need to Thank me.. I just wanted to be able to share something else with you that had changed my life like the Marine Corps did. CFW has done SO many things for so many people. I’ve always been honored to be apart. I’m very honored you felt the need to add me in your touching story. I’m also here for you inside and outside the gym bro and all CFW family members.

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