Down East Athletics
Congratulations to John Z. who opened up Down East Athletic’s in Hampstead this week. If you are up in Hampstead, stop in and get a workout in at JZ’s new box. He’s Located on hwy 17, directly across from a The Saw Mill Grill. To visit Down East Athletics website go here

5 Week Olympic Weightlifting Course Begins July 14
CFW will begin a 5 week Olympic Lifting Course on Saturday, July 14. The course will cover the basics of the snatch and clean and jerk and technique work on each lift. Participants will also receive personalized programming to address their specific weaknesses. Classes will meet on Saturdays at 11 am and Wednesdays at 7 pm. Cost is $150 and sign ups are on the board in the lobby.

John B. using great form on yesterday’s Double Under WOD. Elbows are staying close, chin is up and minimal bending at the hip and knees.

Crossfit Day 5/Week 3

Bench Press 4-6r x 4s
* Use the same weights as week 1

5 Rounds for completion of…
10m Prowler Push (no weight)
rest 20 seconds
4 Deadhang Pull-ups
rest 20 seconds

7 thoughts on “Down East Athletics

  1. Sensei says:

    Good morning everyone!

    good times with the AM crew working this de-load week.

    Looking forward to next week!

  2. Amanda W says:

    JOHN! I am so glad you made the switch to the speed rope. Your double unders have improved immensely from week 1 of this mesocycle.

    AM crew – I’m pretty sure you guys drink sunshine for breakfast. I am reallllyyyy trying to acclimate to the early workouts. You guys make it look so easy!

  3. Taylor says:

    Hey all-
    Im trying to register for the Tough Mudder, but am having trouble. It is telling me the password is incorrect. Crossfit Wilmington team, PW: Cfw 2012…right?! Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Albert Steed says:

    cfw2012 is the password. 🙂

    Looks like the capital and the space are getting you. 🙂

    @Amanda – we do drink sunshine.. It is a happy place when the sun is out when we are rolling.. The winter months can be a little rougher on even us since we don’t see the sun sometimes even before we get back home. 😀

  5. Sensei says:


    I will dance with you on Tuesday. Perhaps “every rose has it’s thorn” will come up on hairnation…

  6. John Z says:

    Thanks for the love!

    Sorry about our website—it’s under construction, but the content is correct. Come on by and check us out if you’re in the area!

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