Dog Food Run to Gold’s Tomorrow
By now you already know that Saturday the workout of the day is going to be a run to Gold’s Gym on Racine Drive with a bag of dog or cat food in tow.  You are already going to be here for the oyster and pig roast (right?) so come out an support Tim B. and this great cause and you’ll get a heck of a workout in the process.

At 10am we will start at CrossFit Wilmington and run the 2.4 miles to Gold’s Gym on Racine Drive with a bag of dog or cat food to drop off. How large the bag is, is up to you.  It can even be just a can (all workouts are scalable!).  You can put it in a backpack, carry it on your shoulder, in your pocket (assuming it’s a can), or put it in a cart or wheel-barrel if you want. Once you drop it at Gold’s, it’s up to you how you get back to CrossFit Wilmington.  You can arrange for a pick up or run back. Dogs are welcome to join as long as they have their rabies tag, are leashed and get along well with others!

Oyster and Pig Roast This Saturday
After the pet food drive we are going to have a Oyster and Pig Roast. If you don’t care for either, we will have the grills fired up so that you can throw whatever you like on them. Sign up in the lobby for side dishes. We will start the Roast at Noon. We will set up an area for the kids to make decorations for our CFW Christmas Tree. There might even be a special visit from a certain fat guy who lives up in the North Pole!

Look at this picture and you think one of two things: "That's a bada** picture." or "Why would someone do that to themselves?" After watching Felice give everything during the final event of the Carolina Fitness Challenge, I can tell you that it was bada**! However, a competition is different than training. For the average person trying to improve their fitness, whether in class or open gym, this is highly discouraged. This type of injury would compromise their training for at least a week. So train smart. It's easy to be hard, but hard to be smart.

CFW at the Carolina Fitness Challenge


Carolina Fitness Challenge Final Event
100 Double Under buy in
90 Thrusters (95/65)
90 Pull-ups

*Break up the Thrusters and Pull-ups however you choose, Double Unders must be done first.
*20 minute Time cap

12 thoughts on “Double Unders and Double Fran

  1. Em says:

    Felice…you earned much respect at that event by sticking with it and finishing strong. I looked up and saw you looking at hour hands and thought, “she’s getting ready to tear her hands”. Next thing I knew, the bar was wet with blood…first a little, then a lot. Even after when I had to play “mean nurse” and made you wash your hands, you took it strong (better than most guys I see at work with just a little booboo). Your strength, physically and mentally, was very evident to the people watching you. Honored to say that I know you! Take care of your hands, give them time to heal, then come back swinging like I know you will!
    And yes t., when I look at that picture, I see bad***!!! All of our competitors this weekend were bad***! And its so much fun watching others and listening to their comments about our box…even in a CF environment, CFW is respected for their quality training and athletes!! HELL YEAH!

  2. Sensei says:

    When I see that picture it brings back the pride, hairs on the back of my neck and a little choked up feeling with the awesomeness that we all witnessed on Saturdays event. I didn’t know you’re hands had ripped either until I saw you stop for 1 second (the longest you stopped in that wod) look at your hand, with a big layer of skin hanging, grab it and rip it off!

    I completely agree with the fact that we do NOT all need to push this hard in our every day training. Being smart about your training is something that I have really had to come to terms with lately, I will be stronger for it and so will other athletes who take the time to really think about their goals, their ability and what challenges they will need to over come to be the best they can be. HOWEVER, there are times in all of our lives that we have a choice to face extreme discomfort, extreme pain, and difficulty. It’s these times that the choice is ours to either hit it head on, or field for another day.


    Our box is like a microcosm of our lives, it’s a task, it’s a choice and it’s up to us how we handle it.

    So proud.

  3. Felice says:

    Thank you so much Em and Sensei for your kind words and encouragement! Em, thank you for taking care of my hands after the WOD, they are almost all healed and ready to start training again. That WOD was tough. I just wanted to stress how important it is to train smart and NOT do what I did during the competition when you are training. Train smarter, not harder. Keep up the good work CFW!

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Felice, you are an incredible athlete! Congrats! seeing competitors like yourself definitely pushes everyone in the gym to reach their peak so thanks for the motivation!!

    I know tomorrow is all about the Dog Food Run but if you want to do just a little extra to get on Santas nice list this year I got a proposal! I am doing a live broadcast for Z1075 at D& E Mitsubishi on Market St right as you guys will be running by with your dog food. They are doing a Toys for Tots drive so if you want to throw a tiny, light toy in the bag with your dog/cat food and drop it off on the run that would rock!!! Could be a nice pit stop to gain some strength back for the 2nd half of the run to Golds, and plastic toys are fairly light! Or Ron will be following in the truck so throw it in the bed and he can drop them! Just an idea!!

    Wish I could be doing the run with you all… But as you run past D&E I’ll be cheering you on!! 🙂

  5. Joe W. says:

    This final WOD was awesome. Watching Felice was so cool, unless you were there you have know idea how crazy her hands were and how much she went through. Her never say die attitude put everyone on notice. After that we got to see all our top male athelets rock this work out. Big shout out to Tanner who got tripped up on his DU by so slappy behind him twice and still finished strong.
    Most of all watching Amanda (my lovely wife) do this WOD was the best. She crushed the thrusters and moved just fast enough to get the pull ups done. She finished this WOD in a little over 18:00, to complete the day in an overall 9th place in her first competion (not to mention just 8 months after having HANK). She is without a doubt my hero and the coolest chick in the world.

  6. Meagan says:

    Awe….Joe you are so fun. I concur with all of the above comments. Our athletes are all inspiring and amazing. Watching everyone beast out the WODs was awesome. I can’t even imagine going onto the final WOD and crushing it like our CFW athletes did. Felice, way to push through girl. You did an awesome job. Thanks for showing the world what little people can do. Haha. Amanda, my girl….I bragged to everyone standing around me about you. I watched you show no mercy to that WOD. I would point you out and say, “that girl right there is my friend…and she just had a baby 8 months ago). My hero.

    Everyone did such an awesome job. Can’t wait for the next one. Get some!

  7. Albert Steed says:

    After watching that video it just confirms how badass you all are. These types of videos seeing the work that you all do are really motivating and a driver for me to get better each day to try and set some new PR’s for myself. 🙂

  8. t. says:

    That pic of Felice doesn’t even show how bad she was bleeding… she had blood on the bars, on her legs, and all over her clothes. Drive on lil jarhead!

    Puppy food run tomorrow… Harris Teeter has 15lbs bags of Kibbles n Bits for $15… and they’re buy one, get one free.

    So I’ve heard people say they’re not sure about running 5 miles (2.4 there / 2.4 back). First off, you don’t have to run back. Ron is driving the safety vehicle (my PU truck) and anyone not wanting to run back can ride.

    Second… If you’re worried about being left behind, don’t. Some of us are carrying 50lbs bags in rucksacks. Therefore it’ll be a fast walk for us and you can pace with us.

    Third and serious… wtf??? Scared to run 5 miles??? CrossFitters are supposed to be tough. CrossFit Wilmington provides the hardest workouts in Wilmington, but you’re are scared to run 5 miles? Get serious.

    See you tomorrow!

  9. Sensei says:

    Thank you for keeping it real Tony!


    I’ll be teaching weapons tactics in the morning.



  10. Whitney says:

    Hi you guys, I had to tell someone that Jimmy Moore asked me to be on his podcast talking about Multiple Sclerosis and Paleo! I am so f’ing psyched and if it wasn’t for CFW’s support I never could have done any of this. I love it that Felice was all bloody, girl you are superhuman.

  11. Emily H. says:

    ORRRRRR…. after you run the 2.4 to Golds Gym you can run about .3 more to my apartment and drink champagneeeee…. i will celebrating my graduation around 11.. hehehe

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