CrossFit Wilmington will be hosting a USAW Coaches Course this coming Saturday, February 12.  Due to this course the gym will be closed for the day so plan your workouts this week accordingly.

Technique, Intensity, then volume.
We adhere to this training progression in everything we do.  Whether it be Olympic lifting or endurance sport training, an athlete must master the technique of his or her sport first.

CrossFit is General Physical Preparedness (GPP).  The Squat is the center of all fitness.  As CrossFit Affiliates it’s our responsibility to identify and correct the imbalances that disallow a proper squat.  Most CrossFit Affiliates mostly focus on the lower lumbar curve and knees tracking over the toes.  And if a trainee has these two things, they accept it as a good squat.  Wrong.

Those are what we refer to as prerequisites…  not  finished product.  There are many more points to consider and movements athletes should be able to perform before allowed to squat heavy.

If lack of mobility and inflexibity deny good squat form, all athletic goals will suffer.  The squat therapy, supporting stretches, transfer exercises, and homework we recommend is how to achieve an excellent squat to full depth.

Below are two photos of CFW Instructor Amy A.  The photo on the left displays proper technique while squatting well below parallel with plenty of lower lumbar curve and proper knee and toe alignment with the hips.  The photo on the right has Amy squatting, still with a lumbar curve and toe/knee/hip alignment and meets the minimums many CrossFits allow for a good squat.  Yet it is very apparent in photo two, this type of squat, limited by many factors of immobility and inflexibility, leaves much to be desired.

Clean Grip High Pull  6 – 6 – 6 – 6 – 6 (one minute between sets)
Push Press  6 – 6 – 6 – 6 – 6 (1 minute between sets)

20 – 30 – 10 reps for time…
Box Jump (24″)
KB Swing (24kg)

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  1. Julie G. says:

    Megan here is link. Anybody else interested in joining or your points at upcoming competition help the Wilmington Weghtlifting Club team points, you must become a USAW member and make your affiliation/attachment Wilmington Weightlifting Club.

    Great discount codes on travel and USAW stuff as well as great accident insurance for the platform.

    Here is the link foir membership

    Here is link for info or questions

  2. Rachel Kay says:

    If anyone finds a navy blue zip up jacket please let me know! I think I left it there last week. It says CF on the front and Crossfit on the back. Thanks!

  3. t. says:

    Anyone who becomes a USAW member this week will get $10 off their CFW fee next month. Joining has many benefits. Check the link Julie G. posted above.

  4. Scott S says:

    Dan- you are one tough fella! I remember doing a 100 burpee WOD with you years ago and I kept thinking how is this big guy keeping up?? I think we both tied at just over 9 minutes. My @$$ was so sore the next day I could barely walk. So every time my @$$ hurts, I think of you. Happy Birthday a day late!

    PS – All you lifters – join up USAW. We can’t be a state champion team unless we have enough team members.

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