CrossFit Wilmington is different…  yeah, we know that.  But why?

Not all affiliates are the same.  If you’ve never been to another affiliate, you should.  Some rock, some suck.  CFW probably isn’t the best CrossFit in the world…  but we are one of the best for sure.  Cocky?  Nah, just confident and certain.

From day one I didn’t like the typical CrossFit Affiliate model of classes only and very expensive rates and took CFW in a bit of a different direction.

Our Classes to Open Gym model is a hybrid model.

Open gym is a very uncommon thing amongst CrossFit Affiliates.  Most affiliates say the group classes and instruction is what makes CrossFits better than other gyms.  In some cases they are right.

But I say through higher quality training, we can teach someone to do CrossFit (um, not to down play it all, but it’s just exercise) without the step by step instruction and then graduate them to Open Gym.

Now, our Open Gym is not a “come in and do whatever the heck you want”, open gym.  Our instructors are present to help with technique and focus, but we don’t go through the formal step by steps of each movement.

I mean, after six months of training a client, we should have been able to teach them to deadlift, KB Swing, or anything CrossFit properly.  If you can’t, you shouldn’t be a CrossFit, or any type of instructor, for that matter.  After you’ve done a tip top job teaching someone to exercise, had them repeat it over and over properly, taught them to “think” themselves through each lift, added weight and stress, they will continue to do it correctly.  Again, if you as the “coach” have done your job.  Now all they’ll need is spot corrections and cues.  Duh… we all need that.

That is why I call myself and my staff instructors, not trainers and certainly not coaches.  Josh and Bryan were coaches.  They coached football, a sport.  Excellent instruction enables a person.  I think too many CrossFits use the term coach improperly and in many cases turn the word into a crutch of sorts.  I want my members to be able, at the end of their six months of classes, to not only be able to do the movements properly, but to be able to teach someone else to.

Our model, instruction, and most importantly our mindset, separates and differs CrossFit Wilmington.  It works well…  very well.

Josh, Amy A., and Caleb teaching the squat. Instructor to student ratio is another CF Wilmington difference. With 32 certified instructors, our classes have more instructors' eyes on each member.

AMRAP in 12 minutes of
5 Clean High Pull (185lbs/115lbs)
10 Push Ups
5 Deadhang Pull Ups

Barbell above belly button on Pulls.  Chest to the floor on PushUps.  Ears in front of arms at the bottom of Deadhangs.


Snatch – 1 Rep Max
Clean & Jerk – 1 Rep Max
Front Squat – 1 Rep Max – then 2 x 3

7 thoughts on “Being different is the how we make a difference.

  1. Todd says:

    i gotta say having an abundance of instructors is a blessing. helps me keep my trap shut when i think i know something. but honestly, the level of instruction that CFW gives really helps us all. we learn form and technique to the point we can help others stay on point and we can encourage each other when we’re nailing lifts!

  2. Sensei says:

    Jujutsu club last night was INSANE!!! Great job guys! Thank you for your energy and your coachability!

    See you next week!

  3. Lil D says:

    I prefer the Doublemint. It looks more fun.

    @ Tanner
    I keep telling him to turn down the volume on his shoes, but he doesn’t listen. Or maybe he can’t hear me because his shoes are so LOUD!

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