Joro Yogo Opens Today.
Classes are at 10:15am with Leslie and at 6:30pm with Tara.
CFW and WSC members get 50% off all the Joro Yoga rates and you can try it at no cost.
For more info, ask a trainer or click here.

Barbara H. working through “One Bar” on Friday. Barbara is a great example of the improvements in work capacity and body composition women experience with CFW’s program. Thanks Barbara!

Last week was tough.  The first few days of this week are set up to help you bounce back and recover from last weeks brutality.


Nutrition Chat – At the start of each class today, we will spend approximately ten minutes covering the basics of healthy, clean eating and the basic supplementation we all need to improve our health, fitness, and body composition.  It is no extra cost and open gym members are encouraged to attend.

Complete 3 rounds
6-8 FFR DB Split Squat (3,2,1,0)
Rest 30 seconds
10-12 Side Step Ups (2,0,1,0)
Rest 30 seconds
6-8 Front Squat (3,3,3,0)
Rest 2 minutes

11 thoughts on “Joro Yoga Opens Today – Try It At No Cost

  1. Barbara says:

    Thanks right back to CFW and Kelly A. Each CFW success story is based on personal choice (get to the gym, eat right, take your supplements) and then using CFW as the vehicle that provides the facilities, information, and support. Anthony and I made the decision two years ago and we have both benefited greatly.

  2. Meagan says:

    Barbara-Hot momma! What an inspiration to the ladies at CFW, but even more, to your children. You lead by example! So impressed!

  3. t. says:

    Barbara comes in around 830-9ish each morning and quietly crush the workouts. The staff’s attention is typically directed towards the crowded 9am class, but it’s very nice to see her (and the rest of that am crew) on the open gym side working through the day’s training. She almost always does the work as Rx’ed. LIke she said in her comment… she made a decision.

  4. No GOOD says:

    You guys now that when I post it usually for something really important so here you go, I Just finished the first JORO Yoga (HOT) class with Leslie… AWESOME!!! I am glad that CFW/WSC now has JORO Yoga… This was my 3d yoga class I have ever taken in 3 years, having it here where I spend most of my time anyway is priceless. Next class is at 630 PM, bring a towel.

  5. Scott S says:

    Having seen Barbara and Anthony work out for several years now, I am impressed with how regularly they show up and how hard they work. No flash, all substance. It is a pleasure to see them and their posse work out. Proud of you , Barbara!

  6. Rhonda says:

    Totally agree! Barbara is AMAZING! I take notes watching her and Kelly A. kick butt everyday! She also looks hot in high heels! Get it gurl!

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