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Situational Awareness and Threat Detection Course (SAT-C) Thursday, November 17th
The class outlines and illustrates techniques to keep you and your loved ones from becoming victims of violent attack.  Attendees will learn measures special operations military and law enforcement use to avoid dangerous situations and how to apply them while at home, traveling in your car, flying, staying in hotels, and even what to do in case of work place and school violence.  The reality is, the world can be a violent place.  There are ways to avoid being a victim, this class will teach you how.

Olympic Lifting Course November 16th-December 17th
CrossFit Wilmington is Coastal Carolina’s only USA Weightlifting gym and host to Wilmington Weightlifting Club.  Now home to 3rd place and 1st place National Champion lifters, our Weightlifting Course is where CrossFitters improve their lifts, and in turn all aspects of their fitness.  Improving your technique in the lifts transfers to more efficiency in all the exercises we do daily. The course begins November 16th and will run for 4 weeks.  Classes are Wednesdays 8 am or 6 pm and Saturdays at 10 am.  Cost is $150 per person and sign ups are on the board in the lobby.  NOTE: We will be running an advanced lifting course at the beginning of 2012 for those who have already completed an Oly course, so sign up today and be ready for the new year!

November 19th- Powerlifting Seminar with Will Kuenzel
Will Keunzel will host a powerlifting seminar on Saturday, November 19th.  He will go over form and technique on the squat, deadlift and bench press.  Will is currently a competitive powerlifter with best lifts of 700lbs squat, 510lbs bench press and a 605lbs deadlift. If you are interested in getting stronger and better at your lifts we strongly urge you to attend this seminar.  It is guaranteed to make you a better lifter and overall crossfitter.

A preview of the upcoming Olympic Lifting Course:


Deadlift 5-5-5-5 (2/1/2/0)
DB/KB Upright Row 5-5-5 (2/1/1/0)

2 Rounds for time…
50m Bear Crawl
50m Broad Jumps (3 Burpees after every 5 Broad jumps)

10 thoughts on “Deadlift, Upright Row and Bear Crawls

  1. Scott S says:

    Great job, Dawn! That is 198 lbs she is lifting, folks. To everyone considering the Oly course, I encourage you to give it a try. You will be stronger, more explosive and better at Crossfit in general.

  2. Sandie says:

    Good stuff this morning 6am crew! I try not to be too diva-esque…however – I need gloves the next time we do bear crawls on the pavement…so much fun, but my hands are beat up! Have a great day everyone!!

  3. t. says:

    Congrats Dawn… great lifting. Rumor has it Dawn is taking a break from lifting and hitting the CrossFit competitions again. Fun. Fun.

    @ Katie…

    “It is best for peoples to speak well of you; however, it is just as well they speak poorly of you.” – Attila the Hun

    The fella that posted the review, never came over and trained at CFW. I’ve never met him. Back when he posted that review on, Josh replied via Yelp to him and asked him why he would write such a nasty review without ever meeting any of us. Josh also invited him over to do so. He didn’t reply, much less take Josh up on the offer.

    The internet provides us all, Maj. McLean not withstanding, a place to “stomp our feet” and put our thoughts out there to everyone, no matter how irresponsible, dishonest, misleading, or lacking substance and integrity.

  4. Semper says:

    You’d expect more from a Marine Corps officer. But, a Marine that would associate with Ezekiel after what he did to Nate Storm is a disgrace anyway. Hoo-Ha.

  5. Tracey - PCCF says:

    Rule of thumb: If you are all talk, you obviously don’t know how to take action. Sometimes it takes others to show the right direction to those less fortunate in not knowing the right way to go. So, with that being said, if someone is going to talk SMACK on a internet website rather than showing up and proving their abilities, they are officially put in the same category as AS SEEN on TV items such as the manzieer bra. Not worth the time, energy or rebuttle. You CAN’T FIX STUPID, you can only attempt to help. It’s up to that person to change THEMSELF. Most don’t want to because that would take too much energy. I can manage to sleep each night knowing I’m not that way. I’m so glad to share a friendship with you guys!! It’s truly meant a lot for both Keith and I and all of our members at Port City CrossFit. Haters gonna hate. Playas gonna play!!!! Peace!

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