I joined Crossfit Wilmington 5 days before my 35th birthday. At that time I had gotten into a rut with my fitness and I was smoking cigarettes. I had been doing CrossFit type workouts for about a year before I joined the gym so I had an idea of what I was doing. I also thought that I was in decent shape.

My first work out at CFW showed me just how wrong I was. My first class workout at CFW was the benchmark DT, I did not complete the work out. The next one after that was “Fight Gone Bad”, I got 166 reps. After that workout realized I need to make a choice and that was to either stop smoking and really give this fitness thing an honest try or quit. Quitting is not my style so I quit smoking and have been giving it my all every day since then.

CFW is truly a welcoming, motivating, and encouraging environment to be a part of. I have never felt like I was an outsider and I have felt part of the gym family from day one. CFW’s coaches are professional, helpful, and very knowledgeable. They have helped me improve in every aspect of my fitness. Through their guidance I have gained over 100 lbs. on my back and front squats, over 90 lbs. on my deadlift, 50 lbs. on bench, and 25 lbs. on strict shoulder press, these are just a few of the increase I have made because of this CFW and their coaches.

This isn’t really my success story this is my progress up to this point in time. This really is just one more success story for Crossfit Wilmington. Oh and that “Fight Gone Bad” work we just did that again recently and I got 210 reps this time.