Annie in Class 3 of our Intro Course. A huge thanks to Christmas, owner of CrossFit Raleigh, for referring Annie to CFW!

CrossFit Wilmington has built it’s reputation, in Wilmington and thoughout the CrossFit Affiliate community, on three main things…

First and foremost, the highest quality, most technical training for all members.  At CrossFit competitions, our members not only finish at the top, but are always complemented by the judging staff for meeting and exceeding the standards.  That same attention to detail training by our top performing athletes (important note: our top performers are CrossFit Games level athletes, not just superstars inside our box) is the same standard of training beginners receive.  It’s simple…  if you want the best CrossFit training, go to the CrossFit that produces the best results.  CFW is the standard for that in Wilmington, NC.

Second, and just as important as the first, our manners are tip top.  We’re genuinely friendly and care about our clients.  It’s personal to us.  We measure our success by our members results and the benefits they gain from our fitness and nutrition program.  When we visit other Affiliates and CrossFit Competitions, we carry a relaxed, approachable demeanor.  Our crew always volunteer and participate in judging and event set up and clean up.  Maybe it’s just how our Mothers raised us, but manners just come naturally to our crew and people notice.

The last of the three (and it’s more than just things that make our excellent reputation)…  INTEGRITY.  Honor is the root of honesty, we run and open shop.   Our fees are open source and clearly listed.  Do a cost vs. benefits analysis, and CrossFit Wilmington is the obvious choice for fitness in Coastal Carolina.  Our ethics… business, professional, and personal, are above reproach.  We rely on quality and results to do our recruiting for us.  No signs, no silly marketing… only word of mouth is how we’ve attracted an over 330 person membership.  Many of whom have come from facilities that don’t quite measure up.  CFW has clearly defined rules for its instructors regarding interaction, at and away from the gym.  CFW has no fraternization policies for our instructors.  Our members don’t have to worry about a young trainer flirting or hitting on them while they workout.  Our classes begin on time.  Our instructors are prepared and ready to go at class time.  Our work outs are planned in advanced and posted each night prior.

The bottom line…  CrossFit Wilmington started CrossFit in Wilmington and have set the standard since day one.  There’s no comparison.


*Not on this side of town and looking for a reputable CrossFit gym?  Check out Port City CrossFit in downtown, CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach if you’re across the river, and CrossFit Carolina Beach if you’re out passed Monkey Junction.

7 thoughts on “CrossFit Wilmington… friends don’t let friends train anywhere else!

  1. t. says:

    The performance, manners/behavior, and integrity I wrote of in today’s post were so displayed on Saturday at the Triad Barbell Open. CFW and Wilmington Weightlifting Club had of 9 lifters, 7 take first or second place in their classes. In Meg and Peiwen’s case, they were 1st and 2nd in the same class!

    But not only did the WW crew perform, they did so with class. With either a hit or missed lift, all our crew behaved with class.

    I couldn’t be more impressed.

    We’ll post the videos and details tomorrow.

  2. sara! says:

    Also, protein people – I’m thinking of leaving whey behind due to digestive issues. Has anyone had any experience with the Carnivor?

  3. Scott S says:

    t. – thanks for the leadership at the Triad Barbell Open. We all went up there with NO ONe evey having participated in a weightlifitng tournament. Thanks to the training and mindset of CFW, we rocked it! Anyone thinking it is time to try something new, think Oly lifting! It is by weight class (and age, if over 35) so you are only up against people of your same size. Next event – NC games on 5/31. Start training now. Proud of everyone who lifted Saturday!

  4. Julie G. says:

    Scott you did great, we all did great. Really great to hear so many compliments from other box owners and event organizers about our athletes.

  5. whitney says:

    James Tatum, impressive! All of you impress the hell out of me. I just watched the videos and you all look like it’s nothing. Like you’re doing something effortless. Congratualtions to everyone who participated, it sounds like an all out triumph.

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