Going into the final workout of the CrossFit Games Open, CrossFit Wilmington sits in 3rd Place in the Mid Atlantic Region, and 17th place worldwide.  Each year CFW has represented the CrossFits of Coastal

Nothing Mediocre: MetCons at 315lbs and 225lbs.

North Carolina in the Games.  Our programming, coaching, and mindset attract driven people who do not settle for mediocrity.  People dedicated to doing their best and not swayed by compromise.  It is our people that make the ultimate difference.  Whether you’re a Games competitor or only seeking to lose a few pounds, CrossFit Wilmington doesn’t settle for mediocre…  why should you?

Cody L. - 500lbs Deadlift at 191lbs BW

Thrusters – Max Effort sets of…  5-4-3-2-1

4 rounds for time…
16 Sledge Swings (16/10)
16 Burpees

15 thoughts on “CrossFit Wilmington at the Top of the Mid-Atlantic Region

  1. t. says:

    Yesterday was awesome. Maybe it’s the spring time weather and sun, but the atmosphere in the gym was buzzing. You all seemed very energetic and amped.

    The pics posted above were taken within minutes of each other. While Dawn, Hodge, and Hot Deliciousness (the CFW Instructor formerly known as Boy Band Nicki and before that Nick M.) were repping out with weights most CF’ers consider heavy, Cody was aggressively working his way up to a 500lbs pull… a 55lbs PR for the 190lbs monster.

    I love this time of year… the gym is full of new members eager to learn and get stronger, while those of you who’ve been with us longer are fired up and setting new PRs. Congrats to all.

    Get some.

  2. Meagan says:

    Great Job Ladies and Gents!!!! You guys were all beasting it out yesterday :-). Can’t wait to see you all in regionals!

  3. Tanner says:

    Hahahahahaha…. Hot Deliciousness!

    In all seriousness, ditto t’s comment. There are some great things going on here at CFW all the time. We have members hitting pr’s on a daily basis. All the hard work is paying huge dividends now. Keep it up!

  4. Amanda W says:

    Oh and Cody’s numbers don’t stop at DL…his bench is 300+, squat is 400+ and now his deads are 500. Wowza this guy is strong. Good work, Cody!

  5. t. says:

    About a year or so ago, Ronbo made a comment about the “average” at CrossFit Wilmington. Basically, while attempting to tell a gentlemen about the results people get at CFW, he referred to two women, who were present and part of the conversation, as “just average” at CrossFit Wilmington.

    Now, no one wants to be called average, and these two women are certainly not… not at CFW and not at anything they do. Though his words were not perfect, nor perfectly received by the two aforementioned ladies, Ron had a very good point.

    It was simply the average at CrossFit Wilmington is better than other CFs. It is relativity… when a woman walks into CFW and sees our ladies moving around weights that are what the top men are doing at other affiliates, they are presented with proof of how strong women can be.

    It the same for men. There are not many gyms that have so many deadlifts over 400lbs. Around here you don’t get a second look for pulling 400lbs.

    The proof is here, in our programming and manifested in our members’ results and performance, of how much you can do.

    Again, it’s relative. I try to fuel the mindset that all of you can reach your potential. Our instruction is exponentially better than most. There are CrossFits close by that you can go to where the standards for performance, behavior, and general attention to detail are non existent. Hence the performance and successes are stunted.

    If at any point you become discouraged with being average here. You’re not sure why you can’t deadlift what Cody did or smash through a metcon like Amanda, visit another affiliate (I will reimburse the walk in fee the dorks will charge you). You’ll experience first hand the difference. You will most like find that average at CFW exceeds the standards at many other affiliates.

  6. Scott S says:

    t.’s post is dead on. If you ever travel, stop in another CF and do a WOD with them. You will not believe how well you do. I did a WOD with CF RVA in Richmond last year – it was 4 rounds of 400m run, 12 Push presses and 12 pullups. If it had been in our gym I would have been been below average. There, I came in third out of 50 for the day. They politely inquired if I was juicing…I just smiled and invited them to CFW

  7. Taylor says:

    Its going to be 80-something today! The beautiful weather is here. Time to open the bay doors and drag all our toys outside. Yipeeeeee! I love CFW in the summer time. For those of you new members, if you had fun during the winter, CFW is going to blow your mind these next months. Beach workouts, BBQs, swimming, running, sunning while sweating through killer WODs…Yipppeeeeeee!

  8. Taylor says:

    Scott!!! I can see your crooked little smile in my mind as they asked you if you were a ‘juicer’!! Haahaha, I love it! Thats a pretty funny/flattering story!

  9. Whitney says:

    LMAO about Nick. I am pretty sure I keep coming back hoping to get a glimpse of him. And I would like to point out that our strongest women are extremely pretty girls. There is no square jaw, bubble muscle grossness. Everyone is just hot and cut. Their tiny clothes fit normally but when they get on the weights it becomes evident that these are the strongest girls you know. Busting conventional wisdom to the nth degree. Most women are scared to lift heavy because they don’t want to bulk up. We know that’s all in the diet.

  10. Nick says:

    Oh man! @ T, I didn’t see it on the main post so I thought I got lucky ha (wait until I get a nickname for you!! Everyone is crushing it and congrats to Cody for ripping that Dead lift off the ground. Good work beast!

  11. Albert Steed says:

    Nice job Cody. That is some serious weight dude. It is amazing how strong and rocking this place is getting. You guys and especially gals continue to set that bar higher which just makes us all better.

  12. t. says:

    Hey Mr. Deliciousness, I didn’t make up Bro. You get the call sign you get… you’ve no say. They just happen and sometimes they stick. If you’re lucky you move to a new city were on one knows you and you can begin again.

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