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You may have seen the article on the mindset behind commercial fitness facilities. In short, they can only stay in business if the majority of their members don’t come in. So, the $10 price tag at Planet fitness assumes that only a small number of those who purchase the membership will actually come in.

On the other hand, the average CrossFit gym charges anywhere between $125 and $200 for a membership. So what’s the difference? Why does a gym that’s smaller, with less equipment charge 5-10x more than a big commercial gym?

Here’s why.

CrossFit gyms assume you’ll be attending. In fact, we WANT you to be in class as often as possible. If a $10 commercial gym only got money from the people who were showing up to the gym 4 days per week, they wouldn’t be able to keep the lights on. Or, if all the people who bought memberships came in, the gyms would be too full to actually get any exercise done. Basically, the no-shows subsidize the gym for the actual gym-goers. That does not happen in CrossFit.

CrossFit gyms take the guess work out of your training. We program the workouts you do each day, so there’s no need to worry about making something up when you go to the gym. You’ll also get an adequate progression in your training instead of mindlessly repeating the same old workouts.

Coaching and training – CrossFit gyms guide you through each of your workouts. You’ll get instruction and attention on all of the movements in each daily workout. Coaches will make sure your technique and intensity are adequate at that you are performing each movement as safely as possible. You’ll get the attention available from personal training at a fraction of the cost.

Community and competition – instead of having to find a training partner that may bail on you at the last minute, you get the opportunity to train around others who motivate you to succeed and continue to improve every day. CrossFit gyms are a big family!

At CrossFit Wilmington, we want you here. We’ll provide quality training, programming, and community. Our coaches are always available to teach you, guide you, and make sure that you are getting the most out of your workout. Yes, CrossFit is more expensive than a commercial gym, but the difference is, we actually produce results.

2 thoughts on “CrossFit – What are you Paying For?

  1. Vanessa says:

    Money well spent…. For me walking in the gym gives me something positive to look forward to after a long day at work… I never feel uncomfortable like I did going to a regular gym cause I was on my own and was not sure how to even use any of the equipment… Love the guidance I get at Crossfit!!!

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