CF Endurance Cert 25 Sept 2010
CFW hosted the CrossFit Endurance Certification on September 25th and 26th. Thanks to the CF Endurance Crew and all those who attended for coming. Four CFW instructors and five CFW members attended. Having these certs at CFW gives us all an opportunity to attend without leaving our own backyard. FYI, we’re hosting another Level 1 Cert on 15-16 January. Stand by for the registration to open on the Mainsite,, in the next few days.

Front Squat – Work up to a heavy single

4 rounds for time…
30 (15 ea side) Alt. Sandbag Shoulders to Lunge
30 Push Ups

Front Squat:  The barbell is in the “front rack”.  Take a DEEP breath and hold through the entire lift,  keep the spine perpendicular to the ground, with the elbows high.  The heels should be just outside the hips, toes pointed out slightly, and the knees stay out and in alignment with the hips, heels, and toes.  The hamstrings bring you out of the bottom, not the quads.  Think “hips up and forward” to keep the butt from raising and forcing you to dump the weight.
FS vid demo:

Alt. Sandbag Shoulders to Lunge:

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