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What’s this all about?

You’ve probably heard the hype. CrossFit can help you lose fat, put on muscle, and get fit fast. It’s all true! And now, beach season is approaching, and it’s time to get into shape!

We also know that CrossFit can be a little intimidating. That’s ok, we understand that, and we’re here to help. This is why we’ve developed Couch to CrossFit!

Over the course of 4 weeks we are going to slowly and steadily introduce you to all that CrossFit Wilmington has to offer. We are going to help you develop fitness for yourself that will last a lifetime!

You’ll get weekly group training sessions, as well as at-home workouts, nutrition tracking, and support from a group of individuals who are in the same boat as you. Everyone is just as new to this as you, so you’re all at the same level!

We’ll be meeting on Saturday mornings as a group, then you’ll have tasks to complete on your own as you progress through the month. Our first class is February 27th at 9:00 am.

Cost is only $40 for an entire month of training. Space is limited. Fill out the form below to get more information.

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