CrossFit Wilmington is Now Offering BioSignature Method 
The BiogSignature method is a body fat testing technique developed by world renown strength coach Charles Poliquin through over twenty years of research and data collection.  The premise behind BioSig is simple, but effective: where you store fat directly correlates to your body’s hormone levels and those hormone levels can be manipulated through diet and  if needed, aggressive supplementation.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight or just feel and perform better day to day, BioSig counseling is now offered to insure you reach your fitness goals in the least amount of time possible.

In addition to The BioSignature Method, CrossFit Wilmington is proud to stock Poliquin supplements in house.  I have resisted the temptation of selling supplements at CFW.  Ethically, I was unable to sell products I do not trust to contain exactly what the label states.  Profiting at the expense of our clients’ health is not ever going to happen.  By the end of this week CFW will keep the “5” (the five supplements all Americans are deficient in), recovery aids, and a few sleep improving supplements in stock.

Supplements in the US are very poorly regulated.  The FDA simply cannot check and test every product on the shelf.  I decided to take the guess work out of purchasing quality products and provide our clients with the best supplements made.  Poliquin’s products are sourced reliably and quality checked at every level of production.  Like everything I do at CrossFit Wilmington, Poliquin products are guaranteed.

Many gyms teach and preach a diet, CrossFit Wilmington teaches nutrition.  Offering BioSig and Poliquin supplements are the next logical steps in providing the best nutrition resources available.

For more information click here or contact Tanner or myself to schedule your BioSignature Method today.


March Madness 2012
On Saturday, March 24th, CFW is hosting the first ever CrossFit competition with age divisions and weight classes. The first workout will be the final CrossFit Open WOD. All competitors will complete all events, eliminating a need for a “Final WOD.”  Cost is $50 prior to March 10th and $70 thereafter.  All competitors will receive a t-shirt and a catered, paleo friendly lunch.  To register click here.


Clark demonstrates the proper finishing position for the clean with torso upright and elbows high.


Coordination Exercise
*Fun, active rest

Myofascial Release and Trigger Point

6 thoughts on “CFW Now Offering the BioSignature Method

  1. Mike M says:

    Great work in the 6am class this morning. Ya’ll handled that obstacle course like champs!!! Don’t forget to sign up for the March Madness Fitness Challenge for next saturday. It’s gonna be a BLAST!

  2. No GOOD says:

    OK so I have been quiet for a while and you all know that I usually get on my soapbox when I do post . I had a disturbing email from sports grant foundation this morning. They have canceled the FGB even and are not going to reschedule it. I had heard that there was a lawsuit between them and CF Main. This is upsetting to me that this would happened with all the good that comes out of that one day. Before I put my foot in my mouth and go off on CF Main about being criminals and sellouts and just low down dirt bags (and CF REEBOK) I will hold back and hopefully see if something positive comes out of this.

  3. t. says:


    Here’s another way looking at the FGB mess. The SportsGrant founder copyrights a name he didn’t conceptualize of a workout he didn’t create for an athlete (BJ Penn) he didn’t train so he can do such great things for so many people…

    for a portion of the proceeds. Look up the term “professional philanthropist”. The owner of SportsGrant makes money raising money. There’s a lot of money in nonprofits.

    You know I don’t blindly back HQ, but I also won’t turn from noticing the bullshit that most nonprofits pull for the sake of charity.

    Who’s right or wrong in this, CF or SportsGrant? I don’t know… I do know there’s a few million not going to be raised for some people who need it this year.

  4. Abs says:

    No Good…damn that is a shame…just terrible. so FGB is cancelled all together? If that is so…why don’t we do a fundraiser ourselves…we can think of a name…I mean just because of so copyright stuff…we can still raise money for our soliders!!

  5. Em says:

    Great idea Abby! If FGB is cancelled, we could do a “blood, sweat and tears” type event and raise the money for which ever group(s) that help soldiers and their families. I’m in…

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