Join us today for our customer appreciation open house and cookout.  

  • CrossFit from 9 until…
  • Jora Yoga Open house – Attend classes at 9am and 1030am at no cost.  Meet the teachers.
  • Wilmington Strength and Conditioning Open House – Meet the strength staff.
  • Cookout at Noon.
Molly performing a Back Squat 3 rep max with 155lbs yesterday.


Choose one of the following… or both.

For time…

10 Burpee Jump in/out Tires
30 m Tire Flips
50 Sledge Hammer Swings (16/12)
800 m Run w/ Sledge Hammer
50 Sledge Hammer Swings (16/12)
30 m Tire Flips
10 Burpee Jump in/out Tires

For time…
200m Sled Push (+50/+25)
Run 400m
200m Sled Push

5 thoughts on “Cookout and Open House Today

  1. t. says:

    Great lifts Molly. Thanks for pushing it.

    Thanks to everyone for coming out to the cookout. Bill and Josh did a kicka** job on the food… thanks guys.

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