If you are not growing, learning and expanding your mind each day, you lose a day.  Much of the posts I publish are about self improvement.  Whether we refer to health habits, recovery or cognitive improvements, there’s no substitute for growth.

It’s the same in business; if you’re not growing you are regressing.  In that, we are always trying to think of ways to improve CrossFit Wilmington and your input is the number one driving force behind the improvements we make.

The number one thing we get feedback on is equipment… usually it is about getting new or maintaining old gear.   We hear ya and in the last month purchased eleven new barbells and a new shipment of plates, KettleBells, and collars will be here this week.  By now, you’ve probably noticed all the new dumbbells.  Yeah, we bought 2 sets of DBs every five pounds up to 100lbs and one set from 105lbs to 155lbs!  The next strength phase will have quite a bit of DB work and I can’t wait.  DBs are great for unilateral work, correcting imbalances, and pound for pound, recruit more CNS function.  Whatever… it means even better results for CFW members.

While I’m on the equipment topic, I’ll address why we destroy so much gear.  I wish we didn’t.  It would help our bottom line if every few months we weren’t replacing all the rubber plates we drop from overhead.  The growing trend at CrossFit gyms is not to allow lighter weights to be dropped. It does save the 10, 15, and 25lbs plates.  Some gym owners are considering the costs, while others are just danty little lots who don’t want their pretty plates or kettlebells scatched up.

We care more about you and your safety than our plates.

Dropping from overhead reduces the potential injury that lowering weight slowly can cause.  The first thing a good lifting coach teaches a new lifter is how to bail without hurting themselves.  It does not and should not involve consideration for saving the equipment.  This is just another “little” thing that makes CFW the better choice for fitness.

So not to worry, if our gear is getting beat up, we will get more on the way.

Tom putting the new Dumbbells to use.


At a light weight, do 8-12 reps x 3 sets of…

Weighted GHD Sit Ups
Weighted Walking Lunge
DB Stiff Legged DeadLift
DB Shoulder Press
Lying Tricep Extension (“skull crushers”)
Deadhang Chin Up
Barbell Curl

Foam roll toe to head / front and back three times
The core four and band assisted stretching

9 thoughts on “Continued Growth and Improvement… the CFW Pledge

  1. Felice says:

    Hey everyone, in regards to Tony’s post about protein powder, I found a great protein powder called “Only Protein.” It is made from cows from New Zealand, which like T already mentioned have very strict laws about using hormones. The cows used in this protein are free range, grass fed, hormone free cows. It Is also lactose and gluten free (ladies who are trying to stay away from dairy this is a great protein powder for you). It also does not have any artificial sweeteners. It does have some branch chain amino acids in it as well. You can read more about it on their website http://www.onlyprotein.com. You can also order it on bodybuilding.com as well. It is very reasonably priced and it shipped very quickly.

  2. pedrina salinas says:

    hey tony,

    just wondering if new racks is on the list for new equipment.



  3. t. says:

    Pedrina… we’re still trying to figure out exactly how we want to store all those DBs. Putting them on racks will still take up the same amount square footage, but would elevate them and make them easier to pick up. So then the debate is… is easier to pick up better? I figure picking them up requires full range of motion and better mimics picking up things in real life. I also think if we going to get the welder out the time and materials would be better spent on sleds or a reverse hyper. I think Josh and Tanner are leaning towards racks. We’ll sort it out soon.

    March Madness: We know the first WOD for Saturday’s competition… oddly, the Games Open WOD is the same as the final WOD from last year. Stand by for the other two workouts. We’ll post them by noon today.

  4. Jeremy B. says:

    T –
    First off, thank you for working hard to improve the gym. We are very lucky to have such a great place with excellent staff. I will admit that I have given my fair share of feedback (good and bad) on the topic to your trainers.

    I would venture a guess that Pedrina means Squat Racks. I know in the mornings we have two (the cage) and one free standing, on the open gym side. We usually end up with 5-7 dues on one rack and the same for girls on the other. The “welded to the pull up bar racks” are not always a good option on a crowded morning with multiple people warning up or mid metcon.

  5. Tim Banford says:

    T -Glad to see the dumbbells are getting used and abused. Enjoy them. Looking forward to seeing your strength phase programming with the incorporation of dumbbells. I check out your programming every day, good stuff. Love the Poilquin addition. I started his programming back in 1998. Everyone thought I was crazy with “Time under Tension,” instead of counting reps. It’s pretty cool that so many cultures of “athletes” can have success with Poliquin, from CF, to bodybuilders, to professional athletes. Great crossover stuff for sure!

  6. t. says:

    Jeremy… I totally missed that one. Racks are definitely on the list. We’ll have new ones by the next strength phase. Look for another power rack (similar to the one in the corner) by the next strength phase also.

    Tim, always a pleasure to hear from you Bro.

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