One of the most (if not THE most) important qualities in any fitness endeavor is consistency.

In fitness you won’t make significant improvements training one day per week. You need to train consistently for weeks, months, and years to make progress.

In nutrition you can’t make progress by eating healthy 2 days per week, then gorging yourself the other 5 days. It simply won’t work. You need to be consistent with the way you are fueling your body.

The same consistency is required for providing quality coaching services. At CFW we treat all members equally, regardless of background, training time, or goals.

If we begin to favor one set of members over others, whether through our approach to training, or attention from our coaches, we in turn marginalize another set.. The same can be said for training goals as well. If we play favorites in any of those domains, someone gets left out and made to feel inferior.

We support our members at CFW no matter what. We will provide you with quality service and coaching no matter what. Our consistent approach to helping you reach your goals is what sets us apart from the crowd.