At CrossFit Wilmington, we’ve a large group of endurance sport competitors and enthusiasts.  It’s a great experience to push yourself through a long event.  Running, Triathlons, and Adventure Races are all great ways to put your aerobic endurance and stamina to the test.

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Endurance Training Seminar
6:30-8:30pm  Tuesday, March  29
Cost – $30.00

The best times amongst our endurance race competitors come from our athletes who train the least.

Clair and Melissa cruized through the half marathon on Sunday, both finishing at 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Clair entered only three days prior with no dedicated training for this race.  His last run before the half was a 1 mile all out effort ten days before the race.

Melissa prepared for her 1 hour 45 minute half by putting in two runs per week, the longest of which was 5 miles.  That was 5 weeks prior to the race.  She runs one tempo or time trail and one interval workout each week.  Her other “run” training is a swim and a row workout each week.

Granted, these are neither close to record setting times, or personal records for either.  But for two who entered the race “for the fun of it” and “don’t really want to run it” their times are pretty good.

My point?  If you would like to train less or do not have hours to spend training each week but would like to finish an endurance event in a very respectable time, we’ll show you how.

By optimally combining interval work, time trial training, conventional tempo work and recovery periods you can make your next run or race a personal accomplishment.

Sign Up is on the front white board.


Making fun…


4 Rounds For time of…
4 Snatch (155lbs/95lbs)
12 K2E

Rest 3 minutes

4 rounds for time of…
6 Snatch (135lbs/75lbs)
6 K2E

Rest 3 minutes

4 rounds for time of…
8 Snatch (95lbs/55lbs)
3 K2E

*Any variation of snatch is acceptable (muscle, power, or full), but it must be a SNATCH, not just a ground to overhead

8 thoughts on “Congratulations to our Quintile’s Marathon and Half Marathon Finishers!

  1. josh says:

    Great job this weekend ladies and gentlemen! Reminder: There a re a few more slots open for our Basic Strength Program we are running for the next month. This program is designed to improve your strength and form in the Deadlift/ Bench Press/ Back Squat and Shoulder Press. See me for more details.

  2. Kelly says:

    FYI to those parents in need of childcare while you work out. Playdate just opened a new location right across from us on Spartan. It is by the elementary school..Blair, I think. You can’t get much closer. Cost is $7/hr and they have packages where you buy hours at a discounted price. Ask for a military discount if it applies. Unfortunately this won’t help all the new Crossfit babies cause you have to be 12 months but it is something to keep in mind

  3. t. says:

    We didn’t get pics of some of our folks running on Sunday… not for lack of trying. We asked your significant others and searched FaceBook with no luck. Sorry Kathleen, Mrs. Pat, and Christina (and anyone else I’m leaving out), we tried!

    If you want to get stronger and/or put on a few lbs of muscle, see Josh for the strength program. Last program’s average yield was 30-40% increase on participants’ squat, press, and deadlift.

    Thanks Peiwen! Wilmington Weightlifting in Durham – May 28th!

    Thank you for the info. We’ll go see them and find out their details.

  4. Sensei says:

    BJJ club was insane today everyone! Thanks to EJ and Chris Faulk for being there and training their arse off!

    “We make you an insane ninja monster that can slay dragons with the mere thought of flowers and puppies.” – Andrew Benton


  5. Kelly says:

    Ha! No worries, Jill! Ellen will still be making regular appearances so she can practice her pull ups and deadlifts. I just need a break from chasing her around in there! I hope Playdate can help some other people out. And Tony…maybe if there is enough interest, they would give CFW members an extra discount?

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