Crossfit Q & A Open House this Week 
Join us on this Thursday, December 1st, as we open up the doors for an informal Q&A session with a panel of CFW and Port City CF  Instructors and Owners. This will be open to all members, their family, friends and the general public. Topics will include programming, competition prep, nutrition and general fitness. Mike Clay from Custom Fit Meals will be catering the event. Doors will open at 5:30

Crossfit Ocean Isle Beach (CFOIB) presents “Ellen Fights like a Girl” Charity WOD
We have been invited to CFOIB on Saturday, December 3, to participate in a Strong Woman Workout to raise funds for a mother of two boys (ages 3 and 5) who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  100% of the proceeds go to medical costs and medical expenses for the family.  All fitness levels are welcome! Men, women and children too! For more information go here

Build a House BBQ Benefiting Master Sgt Eden Pearl
Sunday, December 4, 12-5pm.  Live Music, beer specials and more
To read more about Master Sgt Eden Pearl read here




Box Jump for Height

The box jump, so simple for some and a mind you-know-what for others. Today we want you to build your confidence by jumping on a box for height.  It is important to note that a box jump is not the same as as vertical jump.  The world record record vertical jump is 46 inches, yet there are a handful of people in our gym that can box jump over 48 inches.  The key to the box jump is bringing the feet and knees up fast, not necessarily how high you can jump. On your jumps work on an EXPLOSIVE jump and quickly bringing the knees (and therefore, feet) up high and outside the arms… FAST!!!

6 Rounds of. . .
10m Sled Push (135/85)
30m Sprint
10 Push-ups
* rest as long as you need to retain speed and power

Olympic Weightlifting
Class at 8 am and 6 pm

5 thoughts on “Focused Training: Confidence on the Boxes

  1. Sensei says:

    Hey all,

    Unfortunately for me, but FORTUNATE for one of you, I will be unable to compete in the Carolina CrossFit Challenge.

    I’ve got a small but re-occurring back issue that has made itself known in my work towards the challenge. Taking something that is slightly painful during training to a level of injury just to compete is not my wish, nor is it helpful on my path.

    I want one of you as my friend in the gym to have the opportunity to compete in my stead if you want to!

    Call me at 910-431-1038 and we can make arrangements for you to give me the cost of the slot and make sure you are good to go. I still plan 100% to be there to coach and cheer everyone in our CFW family competing however!

    It’s going to be an AWESOME DAY!!


  2. Mike L says:

    Sensei, sorry to hear about your injury, but I’m glad you will still be making it to Durham next weekend to cheer!

    HOOYAH POOL PT!! Great pool workout this morning at the Y! I think we got our share of looks from the water aerobics class, but it was an awesome time. Thanks to Tony for arranging these Wed morning swims. It is a great change of pace and an excellent way to stretch out those sore muscles!

    Really looking forward to tomorrow nights Q&A session too!


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