To get more height with each step you have to get the feet closer to the hands... think Knees to Elbows. t. gets 22 ft. of rope with only 3 steps.

The Rope Climb
     They ain’t hard if you take the time to learn the technique.  Wear long socks…  or boots (boots are best!) and you won’t lose any DNA to the rope and they’ll be fun…  kind of.
     Everything we do at CFW involves technique.  The Rope Climb is no different.  There are a few techniques the will get the job done, but only one that is tried and true.  It works no matter how little upper body strength you have, how big a fella you are, or even if you’re wearing gear.  This technique requires a little more effort to learn than just a “wrap and step”, but it is with this climb we get our newbies climbing rope their first try at it.  

3 rounds for time…
3 Deadlift (315lbs/225lbs)
4 Rope Climb (15ft.)
12 Ring Dips
12 Pull Ups
12 GHD SitUps
12 Hang Power Clean (95lbs/65lbs)
12 Box Jumps (20″)
12 (per arm) KettleBell Snatches (16kg/12kg)
12 Wall Ball Shot – 10ft. target (20lbs/14lbs)

2 thoughts on “Technique, technique, technique…

  1. Amanda W says:

    t – I know I can speak for Tashana and Christina when I say this — thanks for the support. I’m not going to lie — It’s tough to “tap the brakes” for 9-10 months of training, but I’ve been told it’s worth it 😉 We have so many great role models to look up to — Maria, Abby, Kelly, and Rosie to name a few — that prove childbirth is a passe excuse for not being fit. Just look at them! lol. Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration ladies!

    And watch out 2011 / 2012…I’m counting down the days until I can let this caged intensity back out !

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