Tomorrow’s “Colors of Hope” Fundraiser for Jennifer Turbeville and Ovarian Cancer Awareness is at Britt MotorSports. 
Join us with your entire family from 1pm-3pm as we participate in the event.  
CFW is having a tire flip contest, a bench press contest, and tug of war for the kids.   

Track Workout at UNCW track – 7pm am.

     Eating Paleo at restaurants isn’t hard.  I know the menu may not always be strict Paleo, so you have to order your food the way you want it.  Restaurants will make substitutions for you and you don’t have to accept the bread they offer.  Here are a few suggestions from Paleo Hacks on eating Paleo out: Paleo Hacks

TGIF!!!  Hold on…  maybe all that booze isn’t such a great idea. 
Robb Wolf gives some alternatives: 

Clean – 1 rep Max (newer members work up to a heavy single)

The Clean Video Demo

6 thoughts on “Clean Skills: Day 5 – Test Day

  1. t. says:

    That was nice little track workout this morning. 400m x 800 x 400m. Recovery between runs is the time it takes you to run the previous. The goal is to keep the pace of the first 400m throughout the workout.
    1.) 400m – 1:20
    2.) 800m – 2:40
    3.) 400m – 1:20

    For most of us it worked out a little different. The 800 was a lttle off pace. So we had to pick up the final 400 to make it average out.

  2. ju says:

    Hey guys thanks for the help!!

    Emily’s surgery went well today. She will be bck home with her family tomorrow. Josh said she is as mean as ever! Josh it’s just the meds talking. Hahahaha….. That’s my girl!!!!

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