Parents…  an interesting read:  Free Range Kids   

 Track Workout Tomorrow (FRIDAY morning) – 0700am at UNCW track  
 Paleo Desserts and Junk Foods Do Not Exist
        Paleo ice cream, cookies, muffins, and almond meal breads and pizza crusts are oxy-morons… like jumbo shrimp, almost
exactly, pretty ugly, or college student. 
        I mean, they are man made and don’t come from the earth, so therefore cannot, by definition, be Paleo.
       However…  I know my diet is boring and I barely take time to put salt or pepper on my food, much less bake “paleo” cakes and cookies.  So to help folks that just must absolutely have something in your diet to replace the junk food, here are a few things for the hoidays Mark put on his site: 
Primal Desserts
And here are some things from Paleo Foods: Baked Foods
On a budget?  Paleo Kitchen is by a “struggling student”:  My Paleo Kitchen
How about cupcakes from CE CrossFit?: 
Paleo Cupcakes 
        Just be careful with the Paleo Treats and Desserts.  Use them as a cheat snack.  They are still very much desserts and will make you fat if not eaten in low moderation.  Have fun with this contest and good luck.
Class Skill: Power Clean + 2 Front Squat

Battle Ropes:
4 rounds of 30/30 (30 seconds work / 30 seconds recovery)

Making a distinction between the power clean and front squat will help the lifter gain confidence in receiving and racking the barbell.  Gradually have the lifter recieve the barbell lower and lower until they’re recieving the barbell at the bottom of the squat.


 Technique first… yesteday, Sweaty figured out the rope climb.  We had quite a few sub 10 minute times on the 20 climbs and numerous at the 5 minute mark.  Caleb topped the board at 4:42.  Good stuff. 

10 thoughts on “Clean Skills – Day 4 and there’s no such thing as Paleo IceCream!

  1. Peiwen says:

    Is there going to be a weightlifting class tomorrow at 6pm? I’m sad I missed last week’s class and I’m ready to get back to it!

    Also, I did the calculation from yesterday’s post and I can only have 27g of carbs (that’s like one sweet potato!) and 54g of fat and protein… do I go with the rule of thumb and eat 50g or follow this and stay at around 30g of carbs? I’m going to the nutrition class next week but I’d like to know this now to plan my meal rfor the rest of this week. 🙂

  2. t. says:

    Peiwen, the weightlifting class is on. They’re regularly scheduled until otherwise posted. For your carbs, let’s try 38-40g/day. If you don’t see any change in your body composition over a weeks time, then back down to 35g/day for the next week. Thanks. See you guys tonight..

  3. Sweaty says:

    Tony – today is my off day but I really wanted to check out some technique in that oly class tonight, could I just come in and watch?

  4. Sensei says:

    BJJ Today at 1! $40 per month for non members. / $30 per month for CFW members. / $7 drop in fee.

    Excellent way to learn the basics or pick up your game by rolling with awesome like minded individuals!

    Be there, or be whimpy!

  5. Abs says:

    the diligence, persistance and some frustration I witnessed yesterday was AWESOME…ok frustration not so much but PRETTY damn normal…Great job you 1st rope climbers…yoga tonight? i need to stretch!

  6. JU says:

    Hey guys I need your help. I need volunteers for this weekend’s fundraiser. See header for more details. I also need participants. We are doing a bench press, tug of war, and a tire flip contest. It’s going to be fun for a good cause. Thank you!!!

  7. Meagan says:

    Yes Yoga tonight. We are going to do a short tabata and then stretch:-).

    Ju…I have my Nolan’s b-day party Saturday. I will be willing to help afterwards.

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