The Paleo Diet is not a weight loss diet, neccessarily.  People lose fat when they first start simply because they’ve (if done correctly) reduced their caloric intake by changing the foods they’re eating.  You can get fat and still be strict Paleo.  If you’re eating a couple of bananas, an apple, and a sweet potatoe each day, thats over 130 grams of carbs (mostly sugars, but who cares?  Carbs are carbs and the glycemic index is more about how long it takes for them to be absorbed into the body) and 620 calories. 
       You still need to watch your caloric intake when eating Paleo.  I like a slightly higher fat, medium protein, and lower carb intake for CrossFitters.
      How do I find the baseline for an athlete?  Or, for the calculations to follow, an athlete looking to lose some fat…

     I still use the Zone Diet’s calculation for find the protein requirement for the individual.  It is:

 1.)  Find Body Fat Percentage: this website will get you there step by step:
 *These days I can estimate a persons Body Fat % within a few % points just by looking at them.  A pound or two doesn’t effect the numbers much anyway.
2.)  Find Lean Body Mass (LBM is you without any fat):  Bodyweight – Body Fat = LBM

3.)  Find Protein Requirement:  Multiply LBM x .7 = daily protein requirement in grams
       Now this is where I stray from the Zone’s script.  For carbs I go half the daily requirement of protein and for fat I go with the same number as the protein.

Example:  I have a female that weighs 150lbs, is 20% BF.  Her numbers go like this…
1.)  150 (BW) x .20 (BF%) = 30       She has 30lbs of BF
2.)  150 (BW) – 30 (BF%) = 120 (LBM)     Her weight without fat.
3.)  120 x .7 = 84     Her daily protein requirement and fat recommendation in grams – (84 grams).
4.)  84 x .5 = 42     Her recommended daily carbohydrates in grams – (42grams).
     Now let me caveat the carb intake.  I typically do not want anyone staying below 50 grams of carbs for more than two weeks at a time.  Our bodies typically go into Ketosis (VERY basically, Ketosis is when your body thinks it’s starving and begins to oxidzie fat and protiens at higher rate) when at less than 50 grams of carbs a day.  Now, it obviously varies and a 120 female may need to be below 40 grams of carbs to get into Ketosis.  But 50 is the rule of thumb.

        These numbers can vary daily plus or minus 5-8 grams.  But should average out over a week, respectively.
        Want more info or clarification?  Tuesday at 6:30 pm I’m giving the nutriton class with a slant toward weight loss.  Want to do this thing and have more help.  Contact Julie ( and get on our Nutrition Counseling program.
        This write began as what was to be a “short tip”.  I hope it helps.

Caleb hits new Jerk PR. Cody and Ben both hit new Jerk PRs at 295lbs and 300lbs, respectively.

Class skill: Clean Shrug Pull
Typically the Shrug Pull is used to develop strength from the floor (1st pull) and / or power from above the knees through full extension (2nd pull).  However, today we will use it to focus on the develop the transition from the 1st to 2nd pulls.

Deadlift 8-8-8-8 (Regrip every rep. Return every rep to floor in controlled manner. Limit rest to 2 minutes between sets.)

For time:  20 rope climbs (15ft)
CrossFit Wilmington Rope Climb Video Demo here.

Clean Shrug Pull Video Demo

12 thoughts on “Clean Skills – Day 3 “The Transition” & how to Zone (kind of)

  1. Abs says:

    IP it was a GOOD run! You and your team made a MARK and contested someone that hadn’t had to FIGHT ever and got dang close. Guess change scares people. GREAT WORK to everyone involved.

  2. Whitney says:

    Calculating plate weights hasn’t improved my math skills enough to not dread figuring out this formula for weight loss. Seriously though, thanks for posting that.

  3. No GOOD says:

    Congrats to Ilario his family and all thoses that stood behind him. I truly believe this is not a bad thing and actually just the start of something bigger for the Pantano’s and their staff. The turn out for last night was over the TOP impressive!! IP has made his mark!
    Through all this is was very interesting to see who DID NOT show up……….

  4. t. says:

    Good run IP and crew. You guys ran a righteous, mature campaign against an opponent whos supporters took slanderous low blows and conducted themselves with less than ethical standards. The closeness of the race and the huge loss dems took across the country should send a message DC (not that they’d read it).

    The last few weeks at CFW has proved to beneficial to so many of you. The skills and technique we teach and harp on are paying off.

    When I lsee the big gains you ladies and gents are making it proves to me we are the right things. Our approach to technique and the attention to detail equal better results and stronger athletes. I look at other CFs that don’t push their clients to reach potential and don’t put the efforts into learning to to teach the lifts and movements in such a manner and it dissapoints me. But it also motivates me to continue to put it all in on you guys.

    We’ve 20 people signed up for the Carolina CrossFit Challenge again this year. All the major cities and affilitates will be there with their best. We will be there to represent Wilmington in force again this year.

    The “not normal” contest is off and we’ve 55 members signed up… we’ve 200 more of you that have no reason not to participate. 5-10lbs… we can all do that.

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