10 thoughts on “Clean and Jerk

  1. Josh says:

    Jay Jay, the date is Sept 25th! Thanks for the shout out! SIGN UP if you haven’t already!

    Ready for a great class and DAY TODAY!

  2. Sensei says:


    1/4 murph for warm up Then on to Knock the heck out of this WOD is a awesome way to start the day!

    Ready for FGB this Weekend!

  3. Abs says:

    Remember Guys and Gals Sunday September 18th at 10am at CFW there willbe a study group for level 1 test! Come on out…everyone NEEDS to pass!

  4. Abs says:

    Oh and As team Captain…I am here to inform you the Team Jacked and Stacked is going for TOTAL domination…come one and come all…pay attention to the GREATNESS!!!!!

  5. t. says:

    Why in front of Prima? What statement does that make?

    I’m all for freedom of speech… I doesn’t really bother me a bit when people burn the flag. However, it is funny they would make their “stand” in front of Prima. It would be WAY more funny if they did it on a friday night, outside a bar in Jacksonville or Sneads Ferry.

  6. Sensei says:

    This got me thinking that I really don’t know what the “flag code” is.

    The flag should be brought in every night and if it’s not, it should be illuminated, per the federal mandate.

    Also, what if it was an old veteran that thought the flag being innappropriately displayed and took offense? Perhaps they disposed of it the way that is “most dignified”.



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