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Have a safe and Merry Christmas 

HO HO HO!!!! As promised here is another holiday ” Safety Brief” from No GOOD……

In the event that you are still on the quest for the ultimate gifts for someone or you are traveling to spend the holidays with family, I’ll start with SLOW DOWN!!!!!
The time of year we all seem to lose our minds! Take the extra second to come to a complete stop, look both ways! Observe parking lot etiquette, give the right away to someone who is in a hurry and is not fully aware. I’d rather have the impatient driver In front of me instead of behind. Nothing worse than a fender bender on the way to grandma’s house for Christmas goose…..
Observe patiences In every area. Unless you are having a medical emergency( medical emergency defined as if it is not sticking out, squirting, or turning blue it’s not an emergency) it is not that important. Just like we plan strategy for a WOD plan your travel the same. Allow enough time for traffic and the last minute maniac. Leave a little earlier.
Now just like planning our trips lets plan our rides home after hours of non PALEO food and booze. Have a driver or a cab programmed in your phone. Call a friend. A $40.00 cab ride is a lot cheaper than $10,000.00 it will cost you if you get a DUI. Here’s a fun DUI fact from Alaska, if you are pulled in AK and get arrested for DUI you have just donated your vehicle to the state which you can buy back at a later date at an auction after you serve your mandatory 1 year suspended license.
CFW we are a family please take the time to plan and think ahead. After 20 years in the Marines I have received and given many of these briefs. And it never fails, there is always that ONE that did not have a PLAN….. Plan your dive and dive your plan! We all have someone that loves us or someone we love. Travel safe party safe get home safe! I look forward to seeing you all next year!!!!
CFW it has been an amazing year! Let’s end it on a positive and roll into the new year on top !!!!
Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year!

From your friend and brother

Ron “No GOOD” Holmes MSGt USMC/Ret


4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Tanner says:

    Merry Christmas to all you crazies who check the website on Christmas Eve. Hope you all have a great holiday with friends and family! Stay safe.

    Drew, the squat deadlift is epic, look for it in a workout next week, we will have stretchers on hand for all the broken backs. Maybe a group discount at the hospital.

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