My success story might sound familiar. I was athletic all my life, wanted a new challenge, found crossfit, happily ever after. Just kidding. My success story is personally more about the strength I found -not physically, but emotionally and mentally. I came to Crossfit Wilmington after achieving what I considered my biggest athletic accomplishment to date. I qualified for the Boston Marathon after failing by 52 seconds the prior year. However, the process getting there left me burnt out, running 40-60 miles a week, and stressed out with heart palpitations. I needed a change. Stepping in on my first visit I knew I wanted to be there. The workouts, the coaches, the people…it felt like home.

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I eased myself in and my journey started with the strength cycle at the gym. I found myself looking for my 1 RM in back squat. I had never squatted over 185 and after a successful attempt, and upping my weight, I failed at 225. Tony saw, came over, gave me some pointers, and the next attempt I nailed it. Tony then, hard pressed to ever hand out any compliment , casually told me with a few tweaks in technique I could easily squat over 250.  I didnt believe him but it had me thinking, what if I did believe him? What if I could do that? So I took more of Tonys advice. He said if I eat crap, I feel like crap, I perform like crap. So I did a biosignature with Cody and tweaked my diet and added supplements. I went from 14-15% bodyfat and I am currently sitting around 10%.

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The change I found at CFW goes beyond improving my bench press by 30 pounds, squatting the 250 pounds Tony said I could, running only half of my previous weekly mileage and still maintaining my endurance and speed, or the muscle I’ve gained and fat Ive lost. It was a mind transformation too. I know I have a lot more potential, I dont let my emotions dictate my diet or my sweet tooth. I lift hard, heavy, and frequent. Ive learned the discipline of rest (tough taught- but Tony can be persuasive). And Ive learned that being put in an atmosphere where others want you to succeed, just as badly as you want it for yourself, well that makes the difference. CFW has always pushed me to be better, and finally I see the potential myself. I am mentally tougher, physically stronger, and I control my emotions.  I am a happier person now and you can probably see that when I do my PR dances during class, or the laughter I share with my fellow classmates.  I have a new mind set where I set myself up for success rather than self doubt. Tony, and all the other coaches and staff, will tell you that if you want more…you have to do more. Well I cant wait to see what I do next!  I just hope its not burpees….

Christina Demers

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  1. Grace says:

    So fantastic- you should be amazingly proud of yourself and all you’ve accomplished…way to go girl!!!

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